PM Trudeau sent ‘the right message to China’ by expelling Zhao Wei: analyst

University of Ottawa's Margaret McCuaig-Johnston says although Canada waited too long to expel a Chinese diplomat, it was the right move.

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  1. What did the “threat” state? Why has the public not seen it? We’re being asked to have opinions on something that, as far as we are aware, does not physically exist.

    1. Agreed. Even Mr Chong says he doesn’t know what the threats were. So we’re being asked to believe he was intimidated or influenced by something he didn’t know about. In fact, had they told him he was under threat that might have actually influenced him

  2. Remember Trudeau’s remarks about his admiration for China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ ? We do.

    1. Yeah, and by all the opposition parties, rumors where running in Ottawa that the whole Parliament was about to force him to do so. So again, it shows that if the NDP stop sucking up to Trudeau and his minions, things can get done.

  3. However, I am glad she condemns Joly for calculating the ramifications of expelling the diplomat. No weighing of consequences is appropriate in such an event. It implies our standards can be strong-armed.

  4. You mean waiting 2 years, then bowing to mounting political and public pressure?

    Wow, Justin is such a hero. 🙃

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