PM Trudeau to testify on WE Charity scandal Thursday


  1. Watch Jumpin’ Justin Flash ummm and aah his double talking bs spiel again. He’ll give the finger to Finance Committee and Canadians. Make sure he’s under oath with penalty of perjury.
    Also, insist he “answer the f’n question”!

    1. @ERIC THE VIKING I couldn’t agree with you more . hopefully we will move to public be headings of these motherfuckers .

    1. Aaron Dove When you look at the facts your statement just doesn’t wash. You have Mulroney who was and guess what? Conservatives voted him out.
      After that it’s been liberal after liberal after liberal. And liberals stand behind him which is appalling.

    2. Dane He used CONSERVATIVE party money to send his CHILDREN to school. That is nothing like what Trudeau has done. Further Conservatives removed him from his position and that is exactly what the liberals should do as well if they have even an ounce of integrity left.

    3. I have been talking about it for 4 years already . There is a book by Ezra Levant “LIBRANO$”
      named in the image of the very popular TV series SOPRANOS. It’s a collection of Trudeau’s and his
      clique ‘s incomprihensibly dirty machinations just to stay in power and enrich themselves .

  2. He won’t say a word and dance around all the questions. This will be a total waste of tax dollars unless he’s forced to answer questions directly and specifically.

    1. He will dance around the questions, he will probably give the same answer 25 times, and he will most likely walk away from this with no repercussions or charges.
      They always do.

    2. He is never happier than when he is wasting our tax payer money in front of the whole country. He’s like the arrogant millionaire using cash to lite his cigars and then blowing the smoke in your face..

  3. Teflon Trudeau will just weasel his way out of this just like he has before. He will just say he did it to help Canadians and lie like usual. He will also Blame Harper some how for this too.

  4. Pretty easy when you answer ever question with “we are working hard for Canadians, blah, blah, blah”

  5. Your tax money was just used to brainwash your children in accordance with Trudeau’s ideology.

  6. I bet Trudeau will take a personal day off that day and not show up. He’ll get away free from this again, he’ll lie, not answer any question with a logical answer as usual and sweep it under the carpet….again..He’s to slimy to catch.

    1. Ila exactly! You friend are one of few with eyes to see and a brain to think! A dying breed! We salute you! 🍻

    2. Corruption can occur in any party, it’s not limited to one party, conservatives, NDP, Quebecois, it could happen to any of them.

    1. @City Watch Guard He is calling you a disease, You and your propaganda and your fake-name that you hide behind.

    2. Brian Cathcart oh I see, well to be fair his name isn’t really any better, 16thdave? What happened to the 15 daves before him?

    3. I haven’t even said anything remotely biased, I just said if we are doing this to our PM for just this then shouldn’t it be the same in America where their president has done much worse?

    1. Bob Jones snc Lavalin was not really a scandal, I suggest you listen to jj mucollough in his video where he talks about the “scandal” in two different perspectives. You decide for yourself thought.

    2. Yes, he thinks he is king of Canada and can do whatever he wants with absolutely NIO consequences period. He should have resigned instigating the SNC Lavalin scandal. Crook, plain and simple. Vote the thug out.

    3. Ryan Liu SNC was illegal and interfering in the impartiality of our judicial system is the most appalling thing any Prime Minister could do.
      He should have been charged with attempted obstruction of justice.
      It amazes me and anyone who is well read in the law that he wasn’t charged.
      Trudeau is the slimiest, most unethical prime minister we have ever had and I couldn’t stand Mulroney .

  7. I can hardly wait – Who can ever get tired of hearing Justin saying he’s sorry, and not answering questions directly – a big day for Government Subsidized Canadian News viewership

  8. I see a lot of ‘ahhs’ and ‘ums’ coming, besides the tap dancing around everything. Being a drama teacher really paid off on his acting career…

    1. His acting isn’t fooling the Canadian public at all. He can huff and puff and make a fool of himself.

  9. They will just continue lying through their teeth. Sockboy can’t give an answer to any questions asked of him.

    1. D S totally believe it. Look at this guy with a beard. He looks like him more than Fidel’s Cuban kids.

    2. @Lazzee Mexican it is said that fidel had many such children and that a few are in politics around the world….allegedly

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