PM’s brother Alexandre questioned over Chinese donations to Trudeau Foundation

CPC MP Michael Cooper questioned Alexandre Trudeau over certain Chinese nationals being present at Justin Trudeau fundraisers.

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    1. Name one policy Pierre has that will make your life better. Saying that you want to have “the freest nation on earth” isn’t a policy it’s the nicer way of saying Make America Great Again

  1. Alex, why are your smiling. You think this is funny? Think you and your family will get away with this corruption? I dont thin so…

    1. its funny because false accusation can put the MP in jail once he fails to prove each and every sentence he mentioned.

  2. So just because he’s the PM’s brother the torries get to verbally abuse him. We’ll remember this next time there’s a conservative pm.

  3. Do you think the things brother is going to spill the beans on anything. These things from this family are so well coached on the flavours of the month that they are trying to hide that it would take only a polygraph to identify the quality of the responses. Even then at a 98% success rate these things could probably beat the polygraph.

  4. What is it with the Trudeau family and their admiration for authoritarian regimes?

    Check out some of Sacha’s writings. 😬

  5. The Trudeau Foundation should be closed immediately. Their father passed away a long time ago. All of the money should be donated to hospitals.

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