PNP: Food & Health Issues not Addressed by Budget | TVJ News - March 24 2021 1

PNP: Food & Health Issues not Addressed by Budget | TVJ News – March 24 2021


The Opposition is chiding the Government for their response, for what they describe is a food and health crisis facing Jamaicans.

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  1. shout the f… still playing with the poeple them head come on now hope the poeple them will open thier eyes and stop follow unuh liers

    1. How can we believe in rich people them rich don’t not even buy food where we buy .I look at Jamaica just going down and we the people just watching it .not even a see that them can leave and we of to live her how we ago live when food a go up up up omg u can’t buy food to eat bills and kill me we need to get up and make our vice be heard

  2. The Jamaican government is just dishing out what they want to the people. Unu wah young PM, dis unu get.

    1. Big man get all of the idiots out of parliament and put in people who actually sees a better future for Jamaica we don’t have leaders just a bunch of idiots with degrees

  3. I all saw Mr. Clarke did was a performance and a counter to the evidence presented. No substantial information as to how the country will proceed and how best to address some of the short falls. They can afford the convenience and luxuries but the common man cannot as they don’t know where the next meal is coming from.
    The people need tangible, logical action, not a bag a mouth and lip service

    1. @Vilma Mcrae the 80’s was traumatic with Seaga’s siding with the CIA and their unfound claims of “communism” because Jamaica was being an ally to their neighbour Cuba. Now if Jamaica wants nurses or doctors a Cuba dem call pon. If dem want train Doctors a Cuba. As such…

  4. You cannot just borrow your way out of a crisis. Neither party have a solution for real issues facing Jamaicans.

  5. Honestly to borrow to buy food is crazy but!!!… People hungry n no jobs out there,can’t the private sector help with this they increasing prices daily n recording millions in profit the least they can do is give back something meaningful to Jamaica which has built them n made them so wealthy????

  6. Jesus Christ stop Barrow money bring down the exchange rate of the dollar and it will fix every darm problem uno a argue over kmt

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