PNP Moves For Suspension of George Wright | TVJ News - April 13 2021 1

PNP Moves For Suspension of George Wright | TVJ News – April 13 2021


A speaker of the house of representatives Marissa Dalrymple Philibert today shut down an attempt by the leader of opposition business to have member of parliament for Westmoreland Central George Wright, suspended from the lower house.

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  1. I’m surprised that the man who told one of the journalists to go to hell is STILL an MP and hasn’t resigned… WHY???!!!

  2. Why the police nuh go get him like how them get the man at hellshire.
    Why him nuh come forward.
    Imagine dat the mp was INVITED. not guh fa??

  3. This matter is to be raised at every sitting at parliament until it is debated and voted on. Let’s put woman beater supporters on record when they try to keep him in there, the voters will know what to do come Local Government Elections. It seems some of them are woman beaters them self why they seem to be ready to jump in support of him.

  4. Really! Really! That is not difficult to solve. He can very well accept the the fact that he is guilty. But come to think of it all when him kill the woman same result. Why was he not in Gordon house ???? The man knows he is guilty. Under these circumstances Crimes will always be our national Anthem in Jamaica. I am a threat to INJUSTICE. I am a threat to INEQUALITY and I am a threat to IGNORANCE.

  5. She acting off emotions and acting like is her home and she giving direction to someone in her home..

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