PNP Suggesting Gov't use Dormant Bank Accounts to boost Economy | TVJ News - June 24 2021 1

PNP Suggesting Gov’t use Dormant Bank Accounts to boost Economy | TVJ News – June 24 2021


Use dormant bank accounts to boost the economy that suggestion from the opposition is part of its solution to the economic downturn due to covid 19. The opposition spokesperson on finance revived the idea during a Jamaica Chamber of Commerce forum.

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  1. Did everyone see the head of health in the uk, get caught breaching covid rules, while having an affair with his aide. He’s worse than your one doing business on the beach in Westmorland.
    And people still take it seriously 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I hope him don’t try used mine
    Cause the story wouldn’t done at all
    The PNP is all ways a criminal intended.

  3. Yet another reach-in proposal from the Poor Nation Party? Do they not realize that banking is a global business and, if they keep proposing to steal money from people’s bank accounts, those with significant savings will simply find ways to keep it domiciled in a jurisdiction outside of Jamaica?

  4. Not my money its been in ncb for more than 34 years. I was thinking about taking it out the next time I visited the island

  5. You’re a downright thief. Why don’t you suggest to find family members & hand over to them. I suggest you change the fact that Jamaica stop paying so many prime ministers when only one is doing the job. Overturn PJ’s law that he implemented before he left office.
    Set of criminals.

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