Poilievre claims David Johnston has a ‘fake job’ and is the PM’s ‘ski buddy, cottage neighbour’

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says he refused to meet Special Rapporteur David Johnston, calling him the PM's 'cottage neighbour.'

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  1. Pierre already had my vote……but this made my day.
    Johnston should be ashamed of himself.

  2. I think the news is trying to hurt Pierre here. 🤣😂🤡

    Everything he said is perfectly sound… most liberals with any common sense get it.

  3. Johnson has a clear conflict of interest and should have never agreed to investigate a longtime friend.
    Can you imagine if you committed a crime and you could pick who investigated? you?

  4. why would he waist his time, same as asking freeland a question everyone wants a public inquiry except JT now why is that ?

  5. It must be incredible knowing that no matter how corrupt you are that the population of Ontairio will still vote for you. I envy Trudeau and what is basically a dictorship.

  6. At least someone said it. Wasn’t he also Trudeaus Principle at McGill University and a Trudeau Foundation Member? If that’s not Corruption I don’t know what that word actually means.

  7. Pretty hard to appear impartial when they brag about being friends. He definitely should have declined. Not to say he was a bad GG, but really…….this is definitely a conflict of interest.

    1. You mean other than working at Telus, starting a software company, working as a reporter and winning a nationwide contest to get an internship at MAGNA and a few other jobs?

  8. Pierre is 100% right! Picking trudeau’s friend to investigate this is a joke!! Offensive to Canadians !

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