Poilievre claims ‘gatekeepers’ are keeping jets out of downtown Toronto

Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilivre says its time to allow jets to arrive and depart from the downtown Toronto airport.

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  1. I agree with Pierre on this one. Whether it’s airport expansion, gas and oil pipelines, or whatever. With our economy imploding its time to get some real things accomplished.

    1. Like taking his advice of Canada dropping centralised banking and going all crypto… With the way that crashed our economy would have been decimated.

  2. You probably want to see Jen Charest as party leader. He’ll keep the slushfund flowing from Ottawa IF, and it’s a big if, he could win.

  3. David crombine was major of Toronto and extended the leases for 99 more yrs. He lives on Toronto island

  4. Jets have gotten quieter over the years. Jets landing at Pearson do their approaches over dense residential areas with no problem. This is about wealthy gatekeepers and their silk stocking Liberal socialite friends. 30K is a pretty weak petition too.

  5. Pierre Poilievre is right .The passenger fan jet and the turbojet are practically the same engines. The noise level is also similar Let’s not forget that the new and larger airplanes are now much quieter

  6. It’s time for Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ to build bigger airports across the country. You only realize it when you travel ✈ international that Canada airports are behind.

  7. The Airbus 220 (Made in Canada) is so quiet that it is the only commercial jet allowed into London’s City Airport in the UK. If the Toronto Condo owners can live with the ROAR of the Gardiner Expressway, they won’t hear a plane taking off.

  8. How big are the jet’s we’re talking about? If we’re talking 700 series then I agree, no they shouldn’t serve the island. It’s too close to the dt core and would be loud AF.

  9. A220’s are as quiet as the turboprops and I’m betting that airport was there before 30000 protesters .

  10. Toronto needs to fix the staffing issues at their international airport rather than make changes to this one.
    I have to ask why this is a big issue for PP. Why doesn’t he deal with the issues that already exist?

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