Poilievre: More ‘bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo’ from PM concealing inaction on foreign interference

Tories leader Poilievre called on PM Trudeau for a foreign agent registry after a Conservative MP was allegedly targetted by China.

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  1. I hope Canadians have learned from their mistake of voting liberal, need to correct course on next election.

    1. 3/10 don’t & a 4th out of those 10 will vote Liberal or NDP to ensure their conservative doesn’t gain a seat in their riding

  2. His fav “we’ve put in mechanisms and other agencies” always saying keeping Canadians safe….false

  3. ..additional items ..abuse of homeless clients in shelter system..and provisional status mode by the outreach unionised industry..enfrenchment of security of the conditions of provisional housing systemic mode..and none of the three level of Government pay attention to that ….abuse of arbitrary powers by employed in shelters..abuse of elderlies..and disabled…and no one member of any of the three level is questioning that..while this is also made free of charge on alternative base journalism….

  4. JT told injured veterans that they are asking for more than Canada can give, then turned around and helped fund a war in another country (non NATO) on a completely different continent…

    1. I remember when Trudeau said there’s no money to this veteran that needed help.
      I’m thinking don’t fight for your country because your leaders will not take care of you when you come back damaged or dead. Leaders should be sending their kids and their family to fight wars this should be a prerequisite.


  6. Wouldnt it be nice if it was question and answer period, not question and obfuscation period?

  7. If we had a dollar for every time JT said “ah”, we could pay off the national debt. Just saying 🙂

  8. Why is it that this prime minister never acts on anything until its in the news and public knowledge.

  9. Please forgive him, he really dont know what he is doing. Thank you Mr Pierre for speaking on behalf of all Canadians👍

    1. Forgiveness…whatever yeah… he can’t do the job and he appears to be working for another entity than Canadians….he needs to go…he’s destroying Canada

  10. Pretty well daily Trudeau’s and the liberal’s total incompetence comes to light. And the NDP coalition doesn’t do anything either. What is wrong with Canadians to keep accepting this?

  11. He brought in a bunch more high paid fiberals that still failed to do their job or maybe it was their job to cover up the crime sinister’s malevolent actions against Canadians. When he has my back I feel more like that is the sneekiest place to insert the knife from. Wedge/divide. That is very descriptive of spreading Canadians cheeks for more of his …….

  12. can someone explain why its so difficult to roll an APC up to these Beijing police stations and do a no knock raid?

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