Poilievre says “Canada feels broken” and survey finds many Canadians agree | TREND LINE

Do Canadians feel their country is as "broken" as Pierre Poilievre says it is?

Nanos Research's Nik Nanos and CTV News' Michael Stittle discuss a new survey on how Canadians feel about the country and its major institutions.

Nanos polling showed Liberal support rising with health care in the spotlight last month, but Nik's latest data shows there's been a reversal over the last four weeks — what's behind it?

There's also now a date for the 2023 federal budget: March 28.

The stakes are high for the Liberals, who have to balance the economy and a distressed health care system, but also appeasing the NDP…. unless Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants an election.

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  1. Carbon Tax % is passed onto food costs because of delivery trucks and distributors. I mailed a 3 inch by four inch 1/ pound parcel from BC to Alberta Regular mail was $31.00 Fuel Surcharge was $5.78 Where is it going to stop and Carbon Tax is going up therefore food and gas prices will go up.

    1. @Mike Archibaldtrust me, no conservative government not does anyone with half a brain supports the carbon tax.

    2. ​@Mike Archibald Doug Ford did not want the useless carbon tax but was forced to or lose federal money

    3. @hugo lheritier I can’t understand that, but in point of fact EVERY province at any time was free to bring in a cap and trade program like Quebec did and like ontario had. The provinces CHOSE the carbon tax over the cap and trade.

      And in point of fact I most certainly supported it and so did LOTS of canadians, in large part POOR canadians becaues they actually made money off the rebate, until in many provinces the government STOLE it.

    4. @Mike Archibald wrong Mike. Alberta tried to stop the carbon tax and was shut down by the Supreme Court

  2. My neighbour and I were talking about this just yesterday…
    We were both in a long line waiting for the food bank to open…
    My wife was waiting with my daughter at emergency ….
    They have been there 15 hours…
    I heard Justin didn’t think Canada wasn’t broken…Whos to say….

  3. To suggest that Singh and the NDP have stable polling numbers seems ridiculous. NDP-Liberal coalition is in a down trend.

  4. What’s been happening lately in Canada, I honestly thought I would not see in my lifetime. I definitely knew once Harper was not reelected, we would be on a downward spiral but nothing remotely close to what we have seen!

  5. Not only does it feel broken but it feels intentionally broken. How you two commentators can continue to try to spin this as anything but a failure in the supposed leadership of this country astounds me

  6. Multiple economists have already said that their ‘balanced budget’ is bullcrap. If they’re lucky they’ll have a $8billion deficit by 2027. And let’s not forget, their budget was supposed to be balanced years ago.

  7. I will feel better when the RCMP and CSIS can do their job. When the politicians are charged for ethic issues and Beijing election interferences.

  8. Canada is indeed broken! The bigger question is; Is it worth fixing, or should we just let it collapse?

  9. I’m more concerned about this 6 in 10 Canadians who think everything is great. Seriously, what rock have you been living under, and how much did that rock appreciate in value in the last 5 years?

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