Poilievre slams PM for ‘out-of-touch’ passport changes by ‘erasing’ veteran, Terry Fox images

Poilievre claims Trudeau is 'insulting veterans' by erasing images of soldiers in the new update to the design of Canada's passports.

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  1. If there ever was a veteran who votes for Rudeau, that would be a frost friday in the middle of July.

  2. Also unimpressively are gone pictures of historic Canadian moments, locations and icons, e.g., Fathers of Confederation, explorer Samuel de Champlain, Niagara Falls and driving the Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1885…. We can’t have any history because it’s all so very bad.

  3. ….and our home grown “SHOW PONY” just puts on a show, all the while offering our veterans MAID.

    1. @Fly with me No that’s just his step dad on the birth certificate. His real father is looking up fondly on him. Knowing they one day will reunite.

  4. Embarrassing performance from the Liberal Seals… They know there is a video of Trudeau saying “they’re asking more than we are able to give right now” in response to a Veteran’s question.

  5. Trudeau deserves a Razzie award for that outrage performance. If I recall wasn’t he the one who said ” the veterans are asking for too much”.

    1. True, Wonder how difficult is it to make a passport. Are we sourcing the paper and ink from a distance land.

    2. @C.R M fraudulent passports are the absolute last thing I’m concerned about right now as far as our government goes.

    1. Conservative governments have done the same. It is always convenient to remember what you want

  6. This seemed like a stupid thing to complain about… until I remembered Trudeau’s history with vets. On its own this would be petty but it’s part of a larger pattern of disrespecting our veterans and that is not going to play well in most areas.

    1. Look into what Trudeau senior did to our military, navy and airforce. We had an aircraft carrier and battlegroup.

  7. Canadians “I want jobs, affordable food/shelter/gas, and a passport.”
    Trudeau and Freeland: “get rid of your Disney plus, here is a carbon TAX, children’s dental benefits, and a coin with a commemorative squirrel on it!”

  8. I think he does things like this to distract the population from other issues going on behind the scenes. The deflections are getting engrossed. 😅

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