Poilievre squares off with Trudeau over election interference | QUESTION PERIOD

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre continued to grill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on allegations of foreign interference in Canada.

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  1. Why do liberals vote for this guy, you are allowing this to happen to our country, YOU HOLD THE RESPONSIBILITY< you vote for him and put him in this position. MY LORD!!!

    1. They were allowed through Roxham road to be fast tracked for citizenship, then distributed to one of Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver.

      Imagine the thousands of illegal immigrants who’ve obtained citizenship since crossing Roxham in 2016, wholl always vote for Trudeau and the free handout hell continue to provide…

  2. It’s nice to see nobody has to get in trouble today for pointing out trudeau is not there to do his job.

  3. He should be held in contempt of parliament for not answering questions. He simply won’t answer questions; why is he still here?

    1. All politicians don’t answer questions in parliament. That’s the point of being a politician. So get rid of him? What a stupid statement. You’d have to get rid of all politicians.

    1. Years of believing deeply in failed policies and philosophies and yet never learning anything will do that to you.

  4. Mr. Prime Minister, We have no confidence in you or your government or your party. Clearly you don’t understand the importance of transparency despite constantly stating the contrary.

  5. To many Canaidans, the refusal is tantamount to admission of guilt. He knows it, but he keeps refusing. That tells you he is more guilty than you think he is.

  6. Gotta give credit to the NDP, BLOC and Conservatives. All have very different views on how the country should be run. But in the end their all banding together to fight against Trudeau’s corruption. Proud of all the MPs fighting for the truth

    1. No. Jagmeet is just now realizing he has to separate from the sinking liberal ship. That’s all

  7. He will hire an independent inquiry as long as that person works for him. So he can clear himself.

  8. I have never seen anyone skirt about the answers as Trudeau. It makes my blood boil just to hear the speaker of the house announce him as the right honorable—he is not an honorable leader, but a dictator.

    1. @Patrik Loring I don’t claim I have all the answers but you sure make a lot of assumptions 😆

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