Poilievre: When did the PM Trudeau find out about allegations against MP Han Dong?

CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre battled with Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly over allegations laid against Liberal MP Han Dong.

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  1. Justin Castreau is guilty . If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be avoiding questions and he would have called a public inquiry. Justin Castreau needs to go

    1. ​@My Enemies Call Me Namor <------- "how dare you talk about the liberals like that, you are hurting my feelings"

    2. ​@My Enemies Call Me Namor I don’t know if it’s a crime or not. Regardless, do you not find it sickening that if the PM knew and he allowed it to happen?

  2. “Keep the heat on…” Pierre!! It is so sad and deeply troubling to see that anything goes with this government.

  3. Got to read between the lines with these liberal non answers. I heard her say the PM knew full well what was going on with the situation. Sounds like an admision of guilt.

    1. @Jumbo Me  LOL! I Love these arguments, don’t you? And yes…This very well may result in criminal charges…The security agencies are certainly taking this rather seriously, but let’s forget about that for a moment…what about ethics? In politics, and representing your country, and it’s citizens, especially involving two that are being detained for nothing more than political leverage, ethics are paramount.
      But it seems to me that indeed there very well be laws broken.
      A government official deliberately impeding the release of two innocent Canadian citizens being held by colluding with a foreign agent could very well end up at the very least, in human rights charges.

      But hey, no worries if they have zero integrity, or moral character, and wilfully throw its own citizens under the bus for their own political gain.
      As long as there’s “no law” broken….Yet.
      How much does it take to open these zealots eyes?

    2. @Jumbo Me I am bright enough to recognize what is and is not a violation of Canadian Law. You however are not.

    3. @My Enemies Call Me Namor During an election period, it is illegal for any foreign person or entity to unduly influence an elector to vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate or registered party including by incurring expenses to promote a party or candidate or committing an offence under a federal or provincial law – Canada Elections Act, s. 282.4(2)

      That’s be just one of many to consider.

  4. I dont know how Jagmeet Sing can continue to hold them up. I dont get it. Shame on all of you in the Liberal and NDP parties. SHAME. Not to mention how smugg and above everyone all the Liberals look. I am so disgusted in my country because of the Liberals

    1. Maybe he was promised a run at being the party leader when charges finally stick to trudeau. Didn’t Jagmeet recently stand in parliament abd and confidently say “When I am prime minister?”

  5. what a joke this is such an embarrassment; don’t Canadians deserve an actual discourse at the highest level with questions answered ?

  6. If JT found out yesterday when the news broke, they would have said so. He knew for years. It’s obvious.

  7. Watching these open question periods makes me realize I’m not cut out to be a politician.

    I’m too results oriented and would lose my cool if I had to ask the same, simple question five times, only to have the opposition change the conversation each and every time.

  8. Just look at the glum, gutted facial expressions behind Joly.. Their body language alone tells you they are embarrassed and ashamed of her non-responses.
    It is really disgraceful!

  9. Happening on the 1st day of Biden’s visit to Canada. Trudeau’s press conference should be fun.

  10. the lieberal back benchers look really embarrassed that joly is not answering the question ,their eyes are rolling big time

  11. I honestly don’t understand this. If there was no shady stuff done, how can they not just simply answer the question?

    All you Liberal supporters out there really need to ask yourself if this is how you want to be represented. The avoidance and side stepping should not inspire confidence in ANYONE.

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