Polar bears and narwhals are dying as climate changes 1

Polar bears and narwhals are dying as climate changes


Climate change is melting and shifting Arctic ice, making it harder to find food.

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    1. In the mid 1970s there was an international ban on polar bear trophy hunting & this is a major reason for increasing numbers in certain parts of the Arctic. In other areas such as Western Hudson Bay, population declines have been linked to earlier ice break-up.
      The bigger picture is this: “The best estimates we’ve got indicate that we’ll probably lose somewhere around two-thirds of the world’s bears somewhere around mid-century, just based on the simple fact that we’re losing sea ice,” Source: BBC, “Will polar bears become extinct?”

  1. I was talking yo a scientist that worked at the polar bear research centre when I visited igloolik nunavut two years ago. He talked about how the polar bears were thriving and there numbers were increasing all across the arctic. Not just canadas arctic. I guess alot can change in two years?

    1. @The jack hello again! Please do google polar bear population numbers. It was a local scientist here in BC that debunked this years ago.

  2. Disclaimer I love the environment. But I’m pretty sure polar bear population has been going up for decades. And I’ve never heard of narwhals having a tough go due to too much or too little sea ice. Most of these claims were debunked by a Uvic scientist/prof five years ago ish. We still NEED to address climate change and fast, but this report is probably false.

    1. @The jack
      No it is not. The polar bear population was around 5’000 in the 70s when they introduced the hunting ban. Now there are over 25’000. These bears feed on seals and fishes, not on ice cubes.

  3. This is false, living in the capital of Nunavut. This is created to mislead your audience.

  4. And taxing the crap out of the public will fix the climate,money can not change the climate,it has changed since the beginning. Polar bears are just fine!

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