Police: $20M in gold, valuables stolen during ‘very rare’ heist at Toronto Pearson Airport

A total of $20-million worth of gold and other high value goods have been stolen after being offloaded at Toronto Pearson on Monday.

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  1. Hmm, I wonder if that was an inside job or not? 🙄 Don’t worry folks… the police are investigating 😂

    1. He has. Ask Ford about the failed politician from the fascist party of Italy that he put on the police board of Toronto. This is on Ford. That’s one hell of a heist.😂

  2. How could this happen, I thought the baggage handlers at Pearson only stole out of people’s suitcases. This is absolutely a security problem. If they could get this, there is no reason to think that something bad couldn’t be snuck in.

  3. I mean, this screams ‘INSIDE JOB’… word of advice to the thieves, make sure the cop and everyone else involved get their fare share

  4. The problem with Canadian airports is that you only get checked randomly when going in not out! Very different in Asia where you get checked in and out all the time!

  5. These are the types of crimes that you have to give credit to, someone got away with a fortune without risking anyone else’s safety, you can say they went for gold, congratulations, now they can live the life of millionaires, I wonder if they had a bottle of champagne to celebrate their victory..

  6. My dad keeps telling me there’s lots of cameras inside the airport .
    Dad : you’re wrong this time as the heist went smoothly and no causality except the gold is gone.

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