Police Raid Illegal Party in Clarendon, Jamaica | TVJ News - May 23 2021 1

Police Raid Illegal Party in Clarendon, Jamaica | TVJ News – May 23 2021


48 persons are now in custody after the Clarendon police raided an illegal party on central avenue in May Pen this afternoon head of operation in the parish superintendent Christopher Phillips is again telling residents to obey the covid-19 protocols.

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  1. Kmt poor people fed up a 14 mths of lock dowm bills sky high flour raise did any one got lock up off the yatch that sink in negril jaj jah know star

    1. An if unoh jus follow instructions from when the laws were passed, di industry cudda open up already

    1. Ammm they are doing their best and they’ve caught some main criminals in different areas. Those that you see in breach of the DRMA (having the party) are criminals themselves.

    2. @Raimundo Laurencia it’s easy to criminalise and police pettiness…let’s concentrate on hard core badness whenever it lifts it’s ugly head!!

  2. Ppl need money its over a year Jamaica under lockdown its going to get worst low the ppl dem mek dem party and free up dem stress .bet if dem did bundle up fi tek the vaccine no body no get lock up

  3. Why them never go champs the otherday?????
    Covid nuh keep when government into the activities?????

  4. Babilon unu cah trick mi bout no crowd..why unu nava ban election the worl country com out a campaign where was covid ..”unu hide him till election dun”

  5. Agree party is / was illegal, but the law shouldn’t pack dem up in truck or bus . The law makers a miss on the protocol tuh. Lets be honest.

    1. Well break the law, pile them up and let them catch covid from each other, it was going to happen since they were partying. We the police to transport 2 at a time?

  6. The police broke the protocol of social distance the way in which they bring in those people together in their bus! The protocol is not been observed on government transportation and in their jail why should it be observed any where else?

  7. Up to now we don’t see one uptown event police raid, they only stay outside and laugh with each other, drinking, and let the party go on

  8. The only mistake that they made was to advertise. If you sell food and play music in this country it is a party. What if they were only selling food and allowing people to eat and drink ghen they would be a temporary food establisment with the same gathering for food. Legal, no problem. These are not your covid epicentre. Your banks, your tax offices , money remitrance. This country must stop using these people as scapegoats

  9. When will the country go back normal You love adopted US …and US is back now so what next.

  10. Go and creat jobs so that the crime rate reduces cost of living is getting out of control. Please view go that !!!!

    1. @phoebe black shout it out loud for them to hear because them not hearing properly how the citizens of the country crying, because they’re a set of dunce.

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