Police respond to 'possible shooting' at US Capitol | USA TODAY 1

Police respond to ‘possible shooting’ at US Capitol | USA TODAY


A situation is unfolding at the United States Capitol as staffers received a warning message to stay indoors.


D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department reporting that they received 911 call at 1:05 p.m. about a "possible shooting" near the Capitol. The MPD said Capitol Police were taking the lead.

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expected 643,000 additional job gains. Another positive: Employment gains for January and February were revised up by a total of 156,000.
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    1. justify barricading the capital, distracts from the southern border, racial division and back the blue pigeonholing

    1. Yeah it’s good that they moved quick it shows me they still have some spunk in them, and you stop thinking negative our country is in enough catastrophes than too have our own united states’ of america putting there own people down
      Get your head out of the sand.

  1. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have scheduled a press conference to discuss car and knife controls. Universal background checks will need to be done at all car dealerships and retail stores that sell knives, butter knives have been excluded.

  2. Capital attack insinuates a group rather than one sick individual. On the other hand the orange man call for an attack of hugging and kissing…

  3. Black man” OMG” what this world is coming too. This the end people the world is over. A black Muslim this is real.

  4. Been a brutal couple of weeks for the Left. The Colorado shooter, Barry O’s daughters(not his son’s) killing the Pakistani Uber driver in DC, countless assaults on Asian’s and now young Farrakhan today. Ouch, doing some major damage on the false narrative.

  5. One brother with a knife at the Capitol Police shoot to kill. The White Supremacist storm the Capital, go inside the Capital, kill a police and nobody gets killed or charged. They all get misdemeanor charges.

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