Police Swarm Church in Defiance of Covid Measures in Jamaica | TVJ News - March 3 2021 1

Police Swarm Church in Defiance of Covid Measures in Jamaica | TVJ News – March 3 2021


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  1. The police department in St Ann’s Bay did well and was really professional. Can’t say the same about the pastor and congregation

    1. @Mr.yardie1 She was not disrespectful. Because she speak the truth she has now become an enemy. What about the GUNMEN. it seems like you all FORGET about them


    3. @Marie Solan and by the way the video was about church not gunmen.. if it was a gunman video i would do the same… dont try twist things up.. when you redirect that means you have no justification for her actions… you should have not said nothing to me.. i have time today!.. lets go!

    4. @Marie Solan God don’t gave them anything , mankind always tend to lie on God, so she should behave better & obey the law Jesus does.

  2. I’m a Christian, but I can say the pastor was wrong. The police and medical professionals stayed very calm surprisingly from what I can see.

    1. @Sashani Brown-Gowdie communism is spreading, governments are becoming more like china and a lot of things will become illegal because of new laws, in china church is illegal, should they stop being church because the government made it illegal?

    2. JANICE SMATT Janice, you are so right. You have to remember not many people in the church knows the word of God. Many people are not called to be pastors, they just go and open a church. The Bible said we should not give anyone any occasion to bring blame and shame to God’s name. Now because of this incident many people who are unbelievers will now be cursing out Gods people and cursing Jesus.

    3. @The Rod Of Correction Um to protect the people of the church, in the Bible it is also said we should obey the law of our government unless it is meant to directly affect our walk with God which it is not cause we are still allowed to have church over online or in our homes with limited numbers or unless God says we should do otherwise. This is different from China where you will be arrested or killed for being found worshipping God.

    1. So I guess you will be one of them who will fly to take the vaccines. I recommend you follow the laws of health- nutritionous vegetarian diet, daily exercise, taking in of fresh air as best as possible, copious water drinking, daily sunshine, total trust in God, rest at night by 9, avoid the the things that are bad for you and do the things that are good for you in moderation, have an attitude of gratitude, help others etc. Make sure unno a eat nuff vegetables and fruits everyday ok

  3. If these people were being charged some stiff fines things would be great but no fines things will never change

    1. Anybody supporting the police here is a slave. Your government is evil and sold you out to Bill Gates who made the virus in the laboratory. Wake up!

  4. He is the one open up the spread of covid in Jamaica after he open up the big campaign for people to come out an vote see after voting date wat happen couvid start rising non stop ,sorry for Jamaica smh

    1. U are so true fredel stone,now he acting like him care about jamaicans he not only had 1 but 2 campaigns and now he takes VACCINE from india into Jamaica saying nurses and police must take it first but why not the members of parliament take it first?i believe he has the mark of the Beast 666 cause no caring ruler would put his people’s life at RISK knowing that this Virus kills and to make matters worse he and Minister of Health Christopher and the rest has come to an agreement to Collect 200 US for testing anyone who is returning back to us/england/canada and other islands and jamaican’s are so blind and dumb to realise that as a PM he is Extorting money like Scammers from these people its all about making more money and Opportunity to have their bank account Full i quote a Bible Verse { What does it gain a man to lose his soul and gain the Whole the Word of God Can not Lie, i have seen Many Police Officers in Westmoreland not wearing any Mask and they are in Public places such as down savlamar every day i don’t know if they are spiteful or they too don’t care about this VIRUS! Now they Clàiming the Virus is in the Air for 12 hours and Bla bla bla Can u see the Virus NOOOOOO they can’t? Can u see Jesus NOOOOOO u can’t? but he is alive he lives in our hearts just like the Virus lives in our lungs and nostrils many of us jamaicans dont believe there is a Man His Name Is JESUS as a Sinner i will say this When Jesus Say Yes No Nobody Can Say No… The PM of Jamaica is The Road 2 Hell, Driving and having no breaks his mind is in such State Needs Repairing My JESUS Help us all ADONIA ,ADONIA ,ADONIA HEEEYYY YOU ARE GOD ALL BY YOURSELF WHAT YOU SAY YES YOU WILL DO THERE IS NO OTHER GOD BUT YOU ADONIA, ALL POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS, THERE IS NO OTHER GOD LIKE YOU ADONIA WE WORSHIP YOU ADONIA

    1. This a spectacle! Yahweh DOES NOT HONOR DISOBEDIENCE! DISOBEDIENCE CREATED SIN! Talk about modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. This is behavior that Yeshua Jesus spoke about in Mark 7. The 4 walls is not church, it’s where the 2 or 3 is gathered and he’s in the midst, because he’s OMNIPRESENT. We have awesome fellowship on ZOOM. Some of these christians really tek God fi poppy show!

  5. This nuh look good. I must commend the officers for staying calm. Once the cop showed up, she should have pronounced the bendidiction and send the people home. The church of all the groups must be an example. These actions is driving people away from our churches.

    1. Amen,I,really,enjoy,reading,your,comment,,,we,all,kneed,to,obey,the,law,of,the,land,as,christians,and,start,spending,time,reading,our,bibles

  6. I am so disappointed with this pastor. She acted very irresponsible. God call fool but him nuh keep dem. Good job officers

    1. You are right about the fools part, because only fools could be called by God.

    1. @Shannon Law dem a Gwaan like seh dem noh ci di plot against the church Andrew holness and di antichrist wish to stop gods movement but dem can’t prevail cause the Bible says upon this rock i bill my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail


    3. Amen the church.might not belong to the govrrnment but the law of the land should be obeyed and christian should be setting example the.word of God is not only set in a building. We serve a God of Order .

    4. @Audrey Budal who is WE? Last time I checked this government is not of the TRUE and LIVING GOD. Romans 13:1-2 tells that every soul must be subjected to the HIGHER POWERS for there is NO POWER but of GOD, the powersvthat BE are ordained of GOD. Whoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of GOD and they that resisteth shall receive to themselves damnations, for RULERS are not a terror to good works,but to the evil, wilt thou then not be afraid of the POWER? If U so called prime minister was of GOD him woulda subject himself to God’s mouthpiece like in the days of the Great Kings who called upon God’s Prophets to seek him for help in everyway. Him sell out but him ago end up like beltchezzar. Go and read the book of daniel and you’ll know about him. In the junior english revised it shows: dog is to kennel and cow is to pastures, church is to Pastor and prime minister is to parliament. Tell u prime minister fi TAN INA HIM LANE AND DON’T TROUBLE WEH NUH TROUBLE HIM!!!! UNU SOON SEE THE OUTCOME OF THIS!!! SORRY FI SOME A UNU

  7. That lady was rude to got to have respect for the house of the lord. The Bible you must walk under the law, not a above the law. The officers and professional were acting right in this case. This is very good example other officers can follow.

    1. @Kenlar Thompson u yourself could a not even know the revelation of that scripture. But ya come chat

  8. Everybody have something to say until them sick an on them death bed or someone close to them sick…if me did know always come after..

    1. @JT Tidewater I’m already aware that christianity itself is fake. We are israelites from the tribe of benjamin.

  9. Amen amen keep up the work of God, I pray that the Holy Ghost well take over the evli all evli workre.

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