1. Hahah when the regressive left feel the censorship they created. When you give into mob mentality you will be the victim of the mob.

    1. His cartoon is a metaphor for the way America sees Donald Trump: as an inhumane, self-centered rich man who cares more for a golf game than he cares for human tragedy. The cartoon is correct. I support him as do millions of others.

    2. @88Gibson LesPaul You do realize the caging of children began under Obama, right? And Trump is still nowhere near the deportation numbers of Obama.

  2. The rich of Canada protecting the rich of America in order to control the poor and huddled masses….

    1. Better ask Justin Trudeau. He’s the one pushing/paying the MSM to push his Liberal propaganda!

  3. When did we start showing dead bodies on the news!?!

    It’s not appropriate!
    This is unacceptable.

    1. We have to. We have to see what’s going on, because it is inappropriate and unacceptable

    2. Leftist Propaganda. Trump has every right to keep illegals out of his country. What’s wrong with that? Only the inhumane can find something wrong with following the truth and the rule of law!

    3. Amanda McGregor it’s definitely unacceptable to be stupid and try to illegally get into a country and end up drowning because he’s stupid

  4. This man’s cartoon is a metaphor for the way America and Canada see Trump: inhumane, totally self-absorbed and more concerned with his golf game than he is concerned with a human tragedy right in front of his face. The cartoon is correct. Fire Trump, not the cartoonist who accurately depicts Trump’s lack of humanity.

    1. 88Gibson LesPaul wrong. He is greatly supported but the lefties can’t get over their defeat. The father played a stupid game and won the stupid prize

  5. I feel the cartoon is apropos. It gives light to a serious problem. Censoring it exacerbates the problem.

  6. Boom gone you’re out here. HAHAHA
    Why doesn’t he focus on being critical of our own prime minister?

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