1. I would say very temporary…China is starving. If they are buying from Canada, it means not much else is available anywhere else.
    But… Canada’s food “quality” is in a decline. Was kind of easy to say the standards were low and no one really complained.

    1. The less we deal with communist thugs in Beijing the better. The real trudeau blunder was made when P E Trudeau opened China up to Nixon.

    1. 漢仔 lol yea a communist really teaching the free world lol right. Quick back to your sweat shop

  2. Canadians need to wake up to the toxins in our foods from Gmo to roundup. Europe won’t accept it so time to change back to clean food.

  3. Just release Huawei’s CFO who we kidnapped for the Americans. What the hell did Trudeau think was gonna happen by kidnapping one of China’s Elites! We got played by Trump and his Warmongering advisers. Time to do what’s in Canada’s best interest.

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