Poll: Majority Of Dem Voters Say They Could Still Change Their Minds | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Poll: Majority Of Dem Voters Say They Could Still Change Their Minds | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1


She was surging in the polls just a month ago, but now there are some troubling signs for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. Republican Strategist Rick Tyler and former Obama and Clinton campaign aide Michael Starr Hopkins join Chris Jansing to break down some new polling numbers. Aired on 11/27/19.
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Poll: Majority Of Dem Voters Say They Could Still Change Their Minds | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

42 Comments on "Poll: Majority Of Dem Voters Say They Could Still Change Their Minds | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. Yeah, they’re changing their minds to Bernie Sanders.


  3. Live and learn, Bernie supporters know how to keep the polls useless and confusing? Bernie 2020

  4. MSNBC somehow keeps asking Republican strategists to explain how Democrats feel and what Democrats want… ok

  5. Magical Frijoles | November 27, 2019 at 1:58 PM | Reply

    Um, there is nothing scandalous about what he said. Anyone who says differently didn’t grow up poor. There are a ton of low income communities, in which a lot of minorities live, where kids have no examples where education has worked. None. Not one person with an education that is successful.

    Now, is it tiresome and narcissistic for a group of white guys to talk about what troubles minorities? Yes, of course. Doesn’t mean Pete was wrong and he certainly isn’t a bigot.

  6. They are trying SO HARD to make Buttigieg a thing. He’s not.

  7. Keith Woodcrest | November 27, 2019 at 2:09 PM | Reply

    Disingenuous talking points.

    • The lies this network puts out day after day just screams “We’re owned by Comcast and our masters know what’s best!”

  8. Shame on MSNBC for their biased and hyperpartisan coverage of Senator Bernie Sanders and other Progressive politicos. The mainstream media (especially FOX News) is simply sensationalized entertainment, disingenuous in its so-called reporting and severely lacking in factual substance. The cable news media needs to stop capitulating to their corporate owners and instead do right by the American people; start reporting factual, unbiased news and do away completely with the hyperpartisan, opinionated talk shows. Only then would the MSM be able to regain the confidence of the people.

    • You need to get up to speed Az! Foxtrash just repeats what communist trump says and he can’t even back up what he says! LOL!

  9. Here is cut evidence that MSNBC will DO ANYTHING to discredit M4A.
    Warrens fall is because her M4A push?!?!? WTF
    Her fall is because she wants to bring M4A into law in two stages.
    Why is Bernie surging then?

    MSNBC will defend the status quo until the end

    • MSNBC is utterly useless. Win or lose, Sanders and Warren are going into the convention with a ton of delegates and the only way to get their support is to support Medicare for All anyway!

  10. “160mm people will lose their insure.” That’s a lie when you leave out the part where they’ll actually get better insurance for less money. Stop lying to people, MSNBC!

    • Exactly! MSNBC’s advertisers and the greedy billionaires are forcing them to try to take down Warren.

    • How do you think your going to get better insurance for less money?? back up your statement. The govt in no other dept has ever done anything but waste taxpayer money but suddenly in healthcare they will??? Rather deluded view. Everything govt touches is a failure. All that will happen is all the employees in private health insurance will be hired by the govt to implement the whole program and we have a million more govt employees getting four weeks paid vacation a year.

    • @Jokers Wild – How? Easy! More than 30% of the costs for the current system will no longer be required. No marketing commercials. No huge administrative departments in medical facilities processing insurance claims. No profits for the health insurance companies.

    • @Jokers Wild – Watch this top economist break it down: https://youtu.be/-GB8nq6CW-8

  11. “160mm people will lose their insure.” That’s a lie when you leave out
    the part where they’ll actually get better insurance for less money.
    Stop lying to people, MSNBC!

  12. 10,000 of you for 1 Charlie Whiskey | November 27, 2019 at 3:12 PM | Reply

    Wish i could change my mind,if I could change my mind?I’d change it to one of those alien minds,the kind that makes your head grow enormously,like dan ackroyd in conehead,I’d love that mind head

  13. Okay pro-war MSNBC, typical corporate media ..

  14. The conservative and establishment spin is so blatant in this clip.

  15. Wow so your Authority is the guy who ran Hillary Clinton losing campaign and John Delaney joke of her own. MSNBC is worthless and should immediately get off the air.

    • You’re kinda missing out aren’t you? MSNBC is the nations most watched news org. in the country. Where have you been?LOL!

  16. He said lower income class he didn’t not say Black’s stop lies and poor black people ah

    • The Haitian Way | November 27, 2019 at 5:49 PM | Reply

      it’s funny how racist like you like to play dumb. He clearly said lower income minority neighborhoods. So, we’re just acting like we’re too naive to figure out that he’s talking about black people.

  17. New Information | November 27, 2019 at 4:22 PM | Reply

    Pete , should have introduced his statement with ” In some cases ” a little fore play always is best… He may mean well-to be fare.

  18. Mayor Pete listens to everyone irrespective of race, gender, or station in life. Active listening is one of his best personal attributes.

  19. I will not change my mind. My vote will be for Pete Buttigieg. I believe he has the best plans for getting the United States back to its former world leader status. I think he has the intelligence and calm demeanor to go up against trump and wipe the floor with him. If he does not win the primary, of course I will vote for whoever does, but of all the candidates, Pete makes the most sense.

    • A two-bit mayor has “plans” … what plans? He’s nothing but another smooth-talking Obama do-nothing. Man, you people are dumb. He’s got no chance of winning the nomination.

  20. “All you can ask a white man to do?” Mmmm…. racist much?

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