Poll: Performance of the Opposition Leader & PNP | TVJ News – Sept 5 2022


  1. Mark can’t make any difference he just trying to get the name prime Minister that’s all.iIt will be foolish to vote for a PNP government right now Jamaican please think smartly don’t let’s hands out catch us again continue with what you hav now and improve on it work with this government until a new fresh person come to take up the job

    1. @Winston Johnson the pnp is not perfect but it’s a far far better party than the jlp, I can tell u thousands of things the pnp done since 1962 to uplift the nation

    2. @Kes both parties do some good things for Jamaica in their past, but I’m saying right now Jamaica need a leader who can stand up for the people fight crime fight corruption, not only going around giving out keys on ignore the real problem the country is facing.

  2. I don’t see nothing done better than what they’re doing now it worsening each day look we have no roads and no side walk it should be better now they spend less and bank the rest , poor work and poor material as soon as they fix you wonder if it was the part that they was working on .
    Blinds leading blinds

  3. There are no bases for Us to trust JLP and PNP if they were not able to create a safe Jamaica, a clean Jamaica, a orderly Jamaica, with an economy we’re every Jamaican live earn and retire with dignity in their own country if they’re not able to do that over 78 years at the wheels, it takes an enormous amount of faith for anybody to believe that we will do it anytime soon and so Whatever these polls may say UIC is confident that given the opportunity to communicate to all Jamaican and put this in context for them they will vote them out in a jiffy the level of ignorance in our country because of the media which is controlled by the psoj oligarchy they have failed to provide investigative journalism they have failed to provide objective journalism they have failed to make sure the Jamaican people know that there is a third registered political party in Jamaica and day after day night after night they continent to deny the Jamaican people this knowledge and they are hoping that they will be able to do so as long as possible until the next election where they can cement those two parties and give the Jamaican people no hope so that all we can have are the best and brightest migrating every year and build up a large concentration of those who are not the best and brightest so that they can continue fool them treat them and manipulate them and maintain power so they can control this country and rip us off year after year after year

  4. If you took a poll of the governing party you would get the same outcome. Both party has failed and continue to fail. Holiness had the support of the people but has done nothing to curb the crime monster, he will be judged harshly in history like every other Jamaican leader before him. Self serving, time wasting, incompetent bunch.

  5. I think the problem with we Jamaican is really not fully understand standing of analyzing someone ! However to say that is the next thing like when I heard people keep saying that we must or should do away with the JLP and PNP which led me to think what they are thinking. In most cases jamaican pollsters voted one way not on policy or by their manifesto therefore it goes to show that is lacking of knowledge and of our expectations of the pollsters to analyze and choose

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