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  1. “Oh” you said something I don’t like so I’m going to say that was a partisan question. Why do republicans play the victim all the time when clearly they are the perpetrators

    • flor wast I don’t wonder why libs pretend. No reason to wonder. Wondering is a guessing game. Now that it’s been spelled out for you, how was this little lesson? The King has spoken. You may now respond just keep it civil & watch your temper ….

    • Nevyn of OZ 1973 | October 13, 2019 at 8:37 AM | Reply

      Its what you are forced to do when your a coward who cannot be a high calibre person so they need access to high calibre weapons of mass murder.

    • Even without the accusation of the reporter’s partisanship, Pompeo blatantly expresses his own by the way he framed each answer – pushing unprovoked and hyperbolic blame onto the Obama administration in both instances. Not only did this add to his belief that the reporter and the subject of her questions stemmed from political representation of his rivals, it’s like he truly believes this ordeal with Ukraine to be a political tug-of-war that he can fight by throwing shade.

    • Pompousass another lieing trumptard

  2. 2:06 Boy talking about corruption being weeded out really caught in his throat. I wonder why that would be.

  3. I love how he’s acting like he’s offended. 😆

  4. 2:08 ‘corruption’ mush be a hard word to swallow, watch him take pause on that word

  5. “I was a CIA director, we lied, we cheated we stole… like, we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.” – Mike Pompeo (Texas A&M University, April 15th 2019)

  6. He freaks me out with his dead eyes and fake smile. He seems like the dictionary description of a psychopath! 😨

    • You got it! I thought Svengali

    • @Ali Baebee Steven Miller is scary. Very Stepford wives.

    • @Joseph Is this sarcasm? He’s guilty of all three. What does rumps rectum look like? There can’t be much oxygen up there. Is that why you’re brain dead?

    • @Deb long ,
      It’s Funny When Demo☭rat Libtard Commies Pretend To Take The Moral High Ground

    • @Joseph It’s easy when we have it. Oh I know we are commies. LOL Yet who is buddy, buddy w/ Putin, N.K., Turkey and The Saudi’s. Hmmm? Now what do they all have in common? You might want to take a look at reality for a change. Health care for all does not mean one is a commie. Trying to make sure all races, sexes and classes have equal rights is not a commie. Now taking everything from said people to give it all to the rich is a commie. I am so sick of uneducated people. Did you just sleep thru history and social studies? Did you even get a high school diploma? WISE UP Stop watching just FOX or brightbart. I know you all hate CNN, MSNBC, Dollarmore, Be less stupid and the like. Why are you here? Just trying to spread your toxicity is the only thing that comes to mind. You could be a masochistic or just enjoy futility. Do you enjoy howling into the wind?

  7. Pompeo has more of those Kelly Conway “alternate facts” so prominent in this white house.

    • CNN Stop promoting this traitor’s lies and deflections, he’s just like tRump. Please just stop covering them or at least showing them speaking. If you want to know what he’s guilty of, just look at what he accuses others of, mainly corruption lying and obstruction.

  8. You can see him seething just below the surface. Lowlife criminal.

  9. He’s saying that he’s fighting corruption but he’s nodding “no”. Psychology 101 says he’s lying

  10. To Press: “I had a singular focus”: To self: “Don’t tell anyone you met Guiliani, no matter what”

    • user_mac01
      If looks could kill !
      That’s pure HATRED in Pompeo’s eyes.
      CBS Reporter Nancy Eamons from Nashville dared to “OUT” his Warsaw conspiracy with Guiliano.

  11. Pompeo thinking ” How do I get out of another fine mess Trump got me into?”

  12. ” Secretary of State ” is almost as pompous as the dear leader , however he does lie with equal enthusiasm though and is definitely as corrupt and complicit , to say the least .

    • pete klinger

      If looks could kill !
      That’s pure HATRED in Pompeo’s eyes.
      CBS Reporter Nancy Eamons from Nashville dared to “OUT” his Warsaw conspiracy with Guiliano.

  13. “When I was CIA director we lied we cheated we stole” – Pompeo
    *Once CIA, always CIA*

  14. Pompeo can’t even speak, how did he get this job? We know a liar when we see one.

  15. _”…making sure corruption _*_[MAAASSIVE GULP]_*_ is weeded out”_
    That uncontrollable nervous laughter as he tried to get through that sentence was excruciating.

  16. I wonder why he’s giving into this bullshit so hard. He graduated from West Point… I can’t believe he’s betraying the truth and the best interests of the US like this so casually.

  17. When all these clowns ooze evil like this. How HOW do people still support them?

    • And yet they do, rather like my sister in law, who to this day, after his incarceration, still believes her online Russian boyfriend is not a grifter.

    • SkyP1e They’re greedy and hateful like him. Trump has shown us from the very beginning what he’s like. No Empathy. Big Con job and they know it.If he’s such a Nationlist, why would he have so many resorts,golf courses and Trump Towers in other countries. Ivanka has approval for 16 trademarks in China. He has not one but 2 Trump Towers in Istanbul. It’s all about the economy, his family’s economy.

  18. “I don’t talk about who I meet with?” This JERK seems to have forgotten that he works for the US Citizens…

    • Rhyme& Reason
      If looks could kill !
      That’s pure HATRED in Pompeo’s eyes.
      CBS Reporter Nancy Eamons from Nashville dared to “OUT” his Warsaw conspiracy with Guiliano.

  19. Why do they all say, “Unlike the previous administration…..”

    They’re driven to crime by their hatred.

  20. The reason he’s phrasing his answer like that is because he knows if he’s investigated they will use his interviews against him. WELCOME TO THE SWAMP

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