Popcaan Lawyer Bert Samuels | TVJ Entertainment Report

Popcaan Lawyer Bert Samuels | TVJ Entertainment Report 1


    1. People like you mek Jamaica the way it is. Just sit down wid unnu negative self an absorb everything the government/state and system throws at u.

    2. I pray that he wins Jamaican police too badmind and grudge-full poppy problems are coming out of Morant Bay police station

    3. @Swizzle 876 it has to do with badmind most Jamaicans don’t like to see another Jamaican winning

    4. People like uno mek the injustice in Jamaica na go stop! So because you want to shout up and hide everybody must do the same? Kmft your still a slave!

  1. Arrest and charge are 2 different thing, so Samuel’s all you are saying that happen in Barbados has no bearing on the green notice on INTERPOL website he maybe expunge by Barbados authorities BUTTTTT the infringement notice is still there on INTERPOL. Mr. Samuel’s

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