Potential US ban looming over TikTok as CEO testifies before Congress | USA TODAY

TikTok is facing a potential ban in the U.S., as Congress is concerned the popular social media app is showing violent and suicidal videos to kids.
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TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew is testifying before Congress in defense of the popular social media app as momentum grows on Capitol Hill to outright ban the app over national security concerns.

Lawmakers have been growing increasingly concerned over the app's parent company, ByteDance, due to its ties to the Chinese government. Those lawmakers both Republicans and Democrats will grill Chew over the next four hours over the app's handling of private user data and security practices.

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  1. Ban pornography sites to children also meaning requiring identification card to enter the explicit sites

  2. I watched the entire thing. That barely scratched the surface of literally anything they spoke about. I suppose this is how the media alters history.

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