1. The Liberal and NDP coalition is making chaos happen. Americans don’t have this problem in terms of mandates for traveling out and they are 10 times our population.

  2. After the long pandemic period, it’ll take time before travel can resume to pre-pandemic days. My main concern are the planes and how well they’ve been maintained after not flying for so many years. Even my single computer can go mad from a few days of not being turned on and a plane is so much more complicated than a regular PC!

  3. And who caused the labour shortage? And who controls Covid restrictions? And who controls all federal international airports?

  4. Not all airports but Pearson, extreme lack of Human Resources in all departments. Even the allocated ones, they are hugely mismanaged. They weren’t helpful at all. Was there two weeks ago. Waited 5 hrs and it’s turns out my flight got canceled unnoticed.

    1. This is the fastest way to travel. You don’t need any travel documents from Canada just simply say Trudeau send you there !

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