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  1. That’s a terrible thing. Put chips in your animals even though it’s expensive you won’t regret because they can be tracked. You all work so hard, l admire you farmers but between all of you and the police something must be done. This is not a lesser crime. Upstanding, hardworking people’s livelihood is being murdered ( sometimes the people too). Something has to be done

    1. I agree with you but I am afraid that is not enough. The thieves, in many cases, perpetrate their thieving under the cover of darkness, and take them off for slaughtering straight away. Sometimes they are brazen enough to slaughter them on the spot. The police need to have some stiff custodial sentences for such crimes.

  2. I live in a so called “safe neighborhood” in Kingston and over the pandemic stuck at home mi decide fi plant up. Somebody came in my yard and reap mi things and mi a tell you I’ll never grow another thing inna Jamaica ever again. Big up these farmers that still try persevere that take such heavy losses compared to what i loss. Praedial larceny should be next to murder in severity on the law books.

    1. @k c landlord doesn’t want dogs and they were caught on camera but if the incident happen when you not at home all you gonna have is a pretty picture.

  3. There is a lot of questions need to be asked here, for example, what is the Ministry for Agriculture and RADA, and what about the JCF and the Larceny unit that is in operation. Look at this news clip and looking at these animals I have not seen any being tagged. So, if they are not being tagged how are animals moved and are they traced. The question needs to be asked why isn’t a proper system being implemented right now it is every one doing there own thing. The Government needs to step in and implement a system to protect the farmers, the farms and the farm produce. It pointless saying we have JCF preadal larceny unit and there it stops, it pointless. The country’s produce must be protected we must have a proper system just like in the UK.

  4. that way they’d think twice, trust me, so the one’s with the power plz take this into consideration plz

  5. Total breakdown in the Jamaican society. Where to start, people have no problem with stealing, the guns, the killings and just lawlessness. You dont know who trust.

  6. Not right !! This make people feel hopeless serious. Too risky for honest living some may feel now. Sad

  7. The fix is simple: Harsher punishment. Ensure the laws have potency. 20 years behind bars etc

  8. It would be a helpfull solutions if those in authority could get unused land space, or try raised garden methods to plant up the ghetto neighborhoods, with the communities involvement in Jamaica’s, poorest neighborhoods where the people in the communities have access to what they plant, to possibly, curtail some of the criminal activities. Here in the states they call it neighborhoods/ communities development gardens. I hope they can have surveillance cameras around farm lands, similar to America’s wildlife game wardens/ lone star officers. ,they use hidden cameras that are camouflage with nature and they capture violators and thieves that way. It would be nice if the farmers have those types of cameras placed in strategic positions on their farms to help deter these criminals activities.

  9. These are the ppl who need guns. Instead, y’all (authorities) give guns to the criminal dem.

  10. Farmers should be prioritized for gun ownership. My farm family and their friends in Georgia all have guns and problems with thieves.

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