1. @Mom Tur I know I been watching this crap for 80 years, now packing my sailboat in BC and sailing to the South Pacific, Canada is getting to the bottom of the lists of the 18 countries I’ve worked in around the world. Your poverty is assured by Trudeau.

    2. @Winston Smith So you are a dinosaur? Hurry and kick the bucket we don’t need dinosaurs to make the decisions. Also did you forget harper.

    3. Increasing spending money of Albertans will obviously make inflation worse because you are increasing demand for goods without having a proportionate increase in supply of goods.

    4. @Chase Warwick tell that to the poor and the suffering, tell that to COP 27, if you want to freeze to death it’s your choice, Canada at present is still a free country.

  1. Typical politician response… “We’re going to fix the effects of inflation with your taxes”
    Like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

    1. @Jay Ray There are many sensible options but acting like this is either going to compound the effects of inflation or is not a worthy gesture is foolish. Re-indexing AISH for example is desperately needed and I applaud the move.

      I would also be cautious at this point before pumping more dollars into healthcare. I think it needs an overhaul.

    2. @Hi There Surplus doesn’t mean that this won’t cause inflationary pressure. Prices are a result of supply and demand. Increasing demand for goods by giving everyone more money without increasing production at all leads to higher prices.

    3. @Chase Warwick Inflation is federal. We got $600 in Quebec, you’re getting $600…so far nobody else is..we win. Now stop being a baby who finds reason to whine regardless what the government does.

    1. @Thrill House Men, there’s a little crippled boy in a hospital who wants you to win the game. I know, because I crippled him myself to inspire you.

    1. @JackAnd7 no, you made the statement, it’s up to you to show this old timer just how Alberta has been getting the dirty end if the stick. If you cannot back up your claim without conspiracy theories and rumours, then all your showing is ignorance.

  2. The Alberta Sovereignty Act is REQUIRED to protect Albertan’s from Liberals and Especially Trudeau.

    1. considering the last 100 years where it’s been run solely by conservatives, the reason Alberta is a garbage dump is not because of the feds…..it’s because of you

    1. Buy electricity we pay to have generated? Bills not really that long ago were minimal, till Ralph fixed it.

    2. This would just result in more inflation. Price is a result of supply and demand, inflation is either caused by increased demand across a variety of industries (usually due to everyone having more spending money without an increase in production) or decreased supply (usually as a result of decreased production across a variety of sectors).

    1. We’re all getting $400-$600 in Quebec, you’ll get yours probably too. I’m stocking up on cannabis for the winter so the government is getting it all right back.

  3. $180,000 a year…Jesus

    Maybe give some money to the Southern family seeing how they needed to layoff Atco Electric employees for 3.5 years.

  4. We need premier like here in BC,this government here terrible.Can we ship you Bonnie Henry there so that you can fire her ?

  5. I’d like to see any of these government officials walk into a store and buy 200 $ in groceries for a month , there would be no chance in hell they could.

    1. That’s about all I spend for one person. Problem is I also spend $300 in Tim Hortons coffee against my will.

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