Premier Kenney blasts David Suzuki over pipeline comments 1

Premier Kenney blasts David Suzuki over pipeline comments


An environmental group is backing controversial comments by David Suzuki regarding pipelines.

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    1. What’s the alternative Ryan? The whole point of the pipeline objection is that we are currently weaning off oil worldwide, and in 8-10 years everyone will have access to affordable electric cars. The pipeline will become an albatross and a danger to the environment. Gas cars will be gone by 2050. Get with the program.

    1. turn you lights off and stop using energy and don’t use anything that uses oil… and please look at India if you have a problem if the environment, i hear that are supper clean…

  1. Nope how we solve problems in BC . Like land need for highway projects , we just steal it from the public

  2. ya… didnt’ POS kenney also label moves against big oil as frames himself as being “hostages”.

    he sure gets upset at words being thrown around.

  3. Sadly, how can the government deny the potentiality of all of this when Canadian frustration with its government is at an all time high!! Maybe we should start protesting at Parliament the same way they do it across Europe?!?!

  4. Too late Dave, you’ve already said it, the seeds are planted just as you wanted. Now let’s see what happens.

  5. A guy who uses private jets, diesel chugging busses and has more than 3 properties that does not use renewable resources

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