1. Acts of reconciliation? This feels like the re-writing of history. If we apply the standards of today, to the actions of the past, we are literally going backwards.There were bad things that happened on both sides and I thought we had treaties, are they no longer valid? What’s going on?

    1. Presentism = An uncritical adherence to present-day attitudes, especially the tendency to interpret past events in terms of modern values and concepts.

  2. Taking down statues and renaming schools doesn’t rewrite history. History books are for recording history – statues are for glorifying it. You can do one without the other.

    1. @G C I don’t see how that is relevant here. Of course our history books should reflect history as objectively as possible – without bias based off current worldviews. However, Statues are about what/who we choose to celebrate TODAY.

      If they start proposing the removal of John A Macdonald from the history books – THAT would be rewriting/reinterpreting history. Taking a statue down doesn’t change our historical understanding at all.

    2. They should be glorified. I love the colonizers that CAME, SAW & CONQUERED. Should take all the bleeding hearts, stick them in a rocket & blast it at the sun. That would make everything so much better. 🤷‍♂️

    3. They all think their accomplishing something when they are destroying statues n monuments lmao. Ask BLM.

  3. He is right, go back in history to any culture in any country and you would have to change everything if acting on today’s standards.

    1. So why should we , like he wants , build more statues to colonizers like MacDonald ?
      That’s not moving forward , that’s holding onto the past .

    2. @The Supreme Veggie Burger continually dwelling on the wrongs of the past is as well. It can be acknowledged that it was wrong but we already know that. All of the reparations in the world can’t change what was done, move on.

    1. @The Supreme Veggie Burger Then we should be putting up more statues, not taking anyone’s statue down.

    2. @Lava1964 statues are a dated and tacki method of honouring someone , total waste of tax payers money , but provided their positive contributors to our heritage and culture sure , does that meen more of Sir John A MacDonald ? Hell no .

    3. @The Supreme Veggie Burger You want inclusion, how about paying taxes!! Thats inclusion!!

  4. Stand your ground JK. Your understanding is sound. Continue to stand up to soft and overt bullying. It is the only way to make them backdown and reflect on their convictions. For many it is only sport, for the genuinely disadvantaged hear what they have to say. Help the disadvantaged to build a better and selfsustained future.

  5. RE: Residential School in BC
    And this is just a question. I do not know if this was a mass gravesite or a lot of individual Gravesites.
    These are the facts as I am finding them.
    1) This school was built in 1898
    2) In 1918 -19 there was the Spanish Flu which hit the Indigenous Community hard
    3) This School had a fire and was rebuilt in 1923-24
    So my question is could these be Spanish flu deaths? They didnt have the medical or technical knowledge we have now and could have just done a mass burial of children and adults who succumbed to this!

    I am not taking away from the tragedy of the Residential Schools, how they operated and how they abused the children at all. We all know that went on and was cruel.

    The Catholic Church and it alone is to blame as to the abuse the children in their care suffered.

    The Only 2 reasons I can see for mass burial are 1) epidemic swept thru and children and adults died or 2) Genocide
    I am going to wait until everything is clear on this one before making a judgment.
    I will update this as more info comes available

    1. @Moondymon23 remember they didnt have the technology we have today and it would have taken time to get that info to parents IF it actually happened to get there

    2. @Monica Alexandra we are talking the outside end but you are right because that is what happened back then……I am not condoning anything just giving an aternative and i hope that shows if they are exhumed . I also am Metis so i have a vested interest in this

    3. @W. James Wright even if the info didnt “make it to the families” it would/should have been in the school records , public death records etc IF the deaths were not criminal .

  6. I am not a Conservative and not a fan of JK. I do agree with what he said. It’s part of Canadian history. As tough and difficult as they represent. We and our children need to learn from history but not to destroy/cancel what’s in the past.

  7. This isn’t Cancel Culture
    This is Compassion
    A Living Memorial Should Be Created That Teaches The Children The Truth, And The Guilty Shall Be Named For Their Atrocities
    Lest We Forget

    1. @Jumbo Me
      We can build a whole wing To Their Combined Failures in a Living Memorial So we never Forget

    2. @Renegade so you have absolutely no idea about anything then. What does Toronto have anything to do with it ? Time to lay off the cool aid.

  8. Yes Jason Kenny, can all the founding fathers I agree completely 👏👏 He made a better suggestion than I would consider

  9. This isn’t about cancelling history. We need to talk about it. We need to start addressing abuse in the system. Trust me this movement is not going to be a cancel of anything. All of this history is going to be talked about very loudly. Yes we are a colony but is that who we are now. And Sir. John A. was a drunk. I think all the statues should be moved to pubs so the old guy can feel more at home.

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