Premier Pallisters’ emotional plea for Manitobans to get vaccinated

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, saying not doing it 'robs' freedoms.

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  1. When health officials and/or politicians are pleading it means their losing the public consent and they know it.

    1. They can’t get the quota that they were planning to do now they want every reasonable person to feel guilty they didn’t get it.

    2. And when the Conservative Party asks me to donate…I am like…wha…over my dead unvaxed body bud!

    3. @lostinoldenjewels gems When the 70% isn’t reached they won’t accept it because that means failure/being wrong and they will never admit being wrong.

    1. @Willis Dinkberry really…emperor gung ho scare you that much…🤔

  2. I thought we were taught in school that peer pressure is bad. Since I learned that, I won’t give into this peer pressure!

    1. These public health nerds tried to pressure me into getting circumcised to stop the spread! I said no 🛑 😤

  3. So, what kickbacks is Brian Pallister getting like Doug Ford does through making distance products for COVID-19?.

    1. some yes some no one’s now a days really don’t care they only care about old mighty $$$

    2. @Chrystal Coulter anyone of REAL power is corrupt and thats the GODS honest truth… George carlin said…..theirs a secret club out there and your NOT in it

    1. They concoct the virus…and then they concoct the vax…💸💸💸💸💸💸

  4. I knew the “but” was coming after saying what our RIGHTS are. I wonder how many stocks he owns in pharma?.

    1. Seriously you can smell a fart through one of those mask. We are all going to DIE.

  5. This from the guy who refused to wear his mask in Pearson airport because it was inconvenient.

    1. @Kim LaBelle Stirling Nothing to worry about me. You should be worried about the corruption and hypocrisy of the premier and the convoluting by the inept health bureaucrats.

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