President Biden delivers remarks on COVID-19 response | USA TODAY 1

President Biden delivers remarks on COVID-19 response | USA TODAY


Most of the country's schools and day cares are preparing to reopen this fall for fully in-person instruction and care, if they haven't done so already.


But will children and teachers have to wear masks, now that many more adults are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 – and many children ages 12 and over are as well? For that matter, can kids and teachers be required to get the vaccine?

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    1. Hit my channel up for the video titled: ‘A Puppet Named Joe Biden’. It will show you exactly who is pulling his strings.

    1. Trump didn’t cause anything. He had the vaccine going. It’s your party that dictated when we should take it.

  1. Been outside all day doing yard work, using water for hours at least 6 hrs and no hellish temperatures.

    1. @Jim Bell I don’t know you should ask them. They’ve already blocked me from saying anything. Our voices will not matter.

  2. The Anglo- American people thank the Spaniards for the discovery of the American continent and also big thanks to China for the gunpowder and firearms because with these inventions they defeated the Sioux and Cheyenne!

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