1. Open our pipeline and help the hard working Americans who agree with the decision to stop purchasing oil from Russia!!!!

    1. If we opened our pipelines and production, we could not only cut off Russian sales, but we could drive prices down. That means when Russia does sell oil, the Russians won’t get as much for it.

    2. this has something to do with getting into the iran deal that he has putin negociating for us. he’s scare of putin, and even though we arent buying from russia, i bet he buys more from iran and venezula…. ONLY USE AMERICAN OIL…..

    1. The world sees America now has the weakest leader EVER!
      Next China attacks Taiwan!
      Then North Korea attacks South Korea!
      Then Iran attacks Israel!
      And terrorists attack America! Now that Biden has flooded America with millions of illegals from over 20 different countries we have no idea who are!
      Fasten your seat belt kids, ruff roads ahead!

    2. @The Last Rebel Show idiot .. when we gave our word and the world watched as 2 administration belittling each .. that is whrn they seen we are weak… we dont hold our commitment values

    3. @Sinn walker And it’s Saw not “seen” you floundering simpleton!
      Trump 2024!
      Biden crime family for prison!

  2. Interesting that we only get 4% of our oil from Russia…….we need to go back to being independent on Energy….we have the resources

    1. @Major Cynic It’s not like he’s best man for the job; he was just the best man available. Every election is an election of lesser-evil seemingly. There are a lot of pro-authoritarians out there sadly. I’m not one of them and hope you aren’t either, no matter how cynical you are.

    2. @MoeJuggler The fact that he was the best man available is one of the problems. Good Lord, there are over 300 million people in this country. Joe BIDEN is an authoritarian himself – how more authoritarian can you get when you are overstepping on your EOs and trying to issue federal mandates.

    3. @MoeJuggler he was the best one that the deep state, Dems, uppity socialists and media thought could beat the man.

    4. This oil crisis started long before Putin invaded Ukraine. The oil crisis started on Biden’s first day in office when he cancelled the XL Pipeline and people lost around 11 thousand jobs. Why do we need Iran for oil? We have Alaska, it’s our 49th state. Doesn’t Biden know this?

  3. A smart leader would have ramped up domestic oil production and restarted the pipeline before imposing sanctions on oil imports.

    1. Your are correct a smart leader would have restarted domestic production before sanctions but we know Biden isn’t the sharpest pencil in the drawer. Leading from behind, again….


    1. Even with my limited experience in crypto I still find Jack Henry signals very easy and highly profitable too

  5. We all need to do our part he says! Does this mean him and his family are giving the bribe money back to Ukraine oligarchs?

    1. Will Hunter be giving back the 3.5 million he received from the wife of Moscow’s Mayor ?

  6. “Let me just give you the facts” , perfect, I love hearing the “truth” from our government as always.

  7. Mr. Biden, does this mean you’re going to stop flying to your vacation home in Delaware every chance you get? Will you be suffering with us?

  8. Congratulations to all those who have shares in oil and weapons companies. For all the others…. We love you. Thank you. thank you…. thank you too !!

    1. I understand the Saudis sent Biden’s call to Voicemail today when he called them. He is a true SNL character in some sort of a comidic skit. But this is real and it’s scary. Our very existences, and I am talking the entire world, are hanging in the balance. Today Ukraine. Tomorrow America.

  9. This man is dangerous, he shouldn’t be in charge of other folks lifes, there will never be peace on this earth with these greedy evil war mongers wanting to play god with folks lifes

  10. This is what someone that’s never been a blue-collar looks like when they gain power week come on man can’t you be ruthless and not so soft-spoken

  11. Just what we need. Another spending bill to help create technology a couple decades away to fight an energy crises today.

  12. We need to take care of the 🇺🇸 first. When everyone in the United States is taken care of. We should help others. Only then

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