President Biden discusses evacuations from Afghanistan | USA TODAY

President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Evacuation of American Citizens and Their Families, SIV Applicants and Their Families, and Vulnerable Afghans.


Biden has not yet spoken publicly about the Taliban's swift takeover of the country. Taliban fighters completed their stunning sweep by seizing control of Afghanistan’s capital Sunday as American troops scrambled to evacuate thousands of U.S. diplomats and Afghans from the U.S. Embassy.

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    1. He was, then there was severe backlash, even from the D’s and media. So he had to cancel it. I feel sorry for him, having to come back to DC to deal with this, when he could be home watching Golden Girls and eating ice cream.

  1. Biden should be impeached and jailed for leaving Americans behind. His whole administration needs to be removed

    1. Questions from only selected people? Why? No enough cue cards? He was literally lying. NATO leaders are speechless. I think no more NATO in the future.

    1. @Dre Iverson yes Dre you brick. All of Trumps mistakes added together wouldn’t equal this nonsense.

    1. @Buckey He also said “we made an agreement with the Taliban” to get Americans to the airport.
      Are you kidding me? He trusts the TALIBAN to safely deliver people to the airport???!!!!!

    2. they should impeach him for “colluding” with our enemy lol. Imo, I think they just claim to be talking/working w/ them to give us some ‘assurance’, but I find it very hard to believe the Taliban would work w/ their enemy, especially since they see how weak he is and realize he isn’t going to do a damn thing to them.

  2. You put us in this situation! You should have done this in a more orderly fashion such as women, children and civilians first. Then brought our soldiers home. Now we have more lives! God bless our soldiers!

  3. He keeps sugarcoating it, covering something up. Take for responsibility get off the stage. And do the right things. I’ve said enough, he said enough!

  4. Honestly I can’t believe NPR is asking such tough, good questions. First time I got to say thumbs up to NPR.

    1. They’re up to something. Probably trying to make Biden look awful so people are happy when Harris takes over

  5. Watch as Biden fumbles on LIVE TV and can’t even remember when he sent troops to rescue Americans in Kabul nor how many were rescued.

    He has to embarrassingly turn to NSA Sullivan and ask: “Was it yesterday or the day before?… How many?”

    Nothing to see here, folks…

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