President Biden holds his second full Cabinet meeting | USA TODAY 1

President Biden holds his second full Cabinet meeting | USA TODAY


US President Joe Biden holds his second full Cabinet meeting.


Amidst continuing Covid-19 concerns and infrastructure negotiations, President Bidens holds his second full Cabinet meeting.

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  1. Where’s Kamala? Shouldn’t she be in quarantine seeing how she was exposed to covid.. Instead of meeting with world leaders..

    1. @Ryan Anderson So were the 50 Texas dems that flew to DC, six of them came down with covid.

    1. @Orange Taco if not drinking the koolaide and seeing whats going on makes me a rebel then hell yeah im a rebel! Time to raise the stars and bars back up and raise hell!

  2. What a lying joke. Fact checkers and journalists – shame on you for allowing these lies to go unchecked.

    1. 🚫 One word describes Joe Biden a (disaster) ❌ Two words describes Kamala Harris a (Laughing hyena). ❌ both are lying 🤥 hypocrites.

  3. Sad think that those around him are knowing what’s going on, but pretending that they don’t.

  4. This presidents body language is to read looking down sitting crouched ,not straight following orders. I sadly dont know how everyone is waiting to get a new president

  5. Compromised stumbling bumbling confused old Potato Joe said “C’mon man! It only feels like 6 years!”

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