President Biden holds press conference with Palestinian President Abbas | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden holds a joint news conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.
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After two days of reaffirming America’s steadfast alliance with Israel, President Joe Biden on Friday will turn his attention to the plight of the Palestinians, though he has already acknowledged he can’t give them what they want.

Shortly after arriving in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, Biden said he still supports the creation of an independent Palestinian nation alongside Israel but knows that won’t happen any time soon.

Instead, Biden visited a Palestinian hospital in East Jerusalem where he announced humanitarian assistance and will meet in Bethlehem with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

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    1. @J Corn718 they are in a situation where all they can do is beg. If you do not have a recognized state you cannot trade with the world so you become impovrished. Palestine needs to be recognized by the leading nation in the world (the US).

    2. @J Corn718 Not exactly true. Lots of the infrastructure plans that they should build are contigent on if Israel agree to them or not and Israel has closed down on almost ALL of them. Even water infrastructure is mandated by Israel’s good will. It’s literally impossible dude. Yes there is obvious corruption and theft but there is also the aspect that Palestine would be better off as a recognized state so it can do business freely. This method of having Palestine this resitrcted won’t help anyone AT ALL.

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