President Biden Reflects On Advice From His Late Son, Beau Biden 1

President Biden Reflects On Advice From His Late Son, Beau Biden


President Joe Biden tells MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell the advice that he thinks his late son, Beau Biden, would share with him at this point in his political career.
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  1. 113 days and hasn’t recommended people to drink bleach because he’s got “A big-a Brain-a !

    1. President Trump never said anyone should drink bleach. You’re just another low information MSM listener.

  2. a humanizing moment, hopefully this most recent foolishness in our political world ends soon.

    1. Let’s pray that every one of the republican people who spent the stimulus money votes blue! And the ones that don’t, just aren’t worth mentioning!


    1. But it’s just fine that this puppet and his puppet masters are destroying our great country, right?

  4. He is sitting in that chair. A little piece of him is always with you. And a little piece of you is with him in heaven. You and he are in the same vein and in the same Holy Spirit.

    1. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! Well none of these so called Christians that worship money and not god, or the ones that BOWED BEFORE THE GOLDEN STATUE OF DONALD tRUMP.

  5. The pain of losing a loved one never goes away. We learn over time different ways to cope with it and deal with the many emotions we experience.

  6. Awe, I wonder how President Biden’s other Son feels every time he says, ” Beau should be doing this.?” Ah, Joe Biden, you are doing a fine job!

    1. Beau was more into politics than Hunter. So I’m sure Hunter feels the same way. Beau and Hunter also had a special bond that was created out of tragedy. They were both in the car when their mother and sister died in an accident. They both sustained physical injuries in the accident but the mental and emotional injuries affected them much worse.

  7. Biden mercyyy with colombia you have no idea how many of us have suffered tooo becaouse of Trump please mercyyy help us!!!!! help duque please I beg you talk to him give him some hint with the economy PLEASEE!!! dont let russia crush Colombia!!! I was one that got hit bad when turmp was in precidency pleease help our Country HAVE MERCY!!! PLEASE WE BEG YOU WITH ALL OUR MILIMITERS OF OUR COUNTRY!!!

  8. I don’t have any eloquent words, except to say Biden is still who he is, and I’m still with him.

    1. Smartest words I’ve heard him say….be who you are.

      I am who I am ..I say no to the vaccine.
      No mask.
      Joe says that’s Neanderthal thinking…I am who I am.
      Ill stand my ground.

      I’m not going to stand in their food lines when it cost a days wages for gas to go to work .

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