President Biden remarks on federal ghost gun regulations | USA Today

President Joe Biden announces new federal regulations to rein in the use of untraceable firearms known as ghost guns that law-enforcement officers say are turning up frequently at crime scenes across the country.

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The new rules, which Biden and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco will announce during a Rose Garden ceremony, will target privately made firearms that can be assembled from do-it-yourself kits purchased online or in a store. The weapons contain no serial number, which makes it difficult to trace the owner.

Senior administration officials, who briefed reporters ahead of Bidenโ€™s announcement, said Sunday the new rules will clarify that the unfinished parts sold in the kits, such as the frame of a handgun or the receiver of a long gun, will qualify as firearms under federal law.

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  1. Its “extreme” that if you leave our southern border open for felons to come in with drugs and guns every day!!!! Lets Go Brandon!!!!

    1. @Christine Henry No, but we can save us. It’s time to drop government and become self reliant. These gas prices are the fault of federal government and dependence upon foreign nations. Hold government accountable and revoke all power. We the people.

  2. I’d like to see the break out on the quoted numbers between 80% guns and guns with the s/n removed. L.E. refers to both as ghost guns. I would imagine a large percentage of the numbers quoted were guns with the s/n removed.

    1. they lump all those numbers together to inflate them. I imagine the number of 80% frames/ lowers used in crimes is extremely low in comparison

    2. Also, the ATF raided polymer 80 and other similar companies last year. I bet all those confiscated chucks of plastic are considered “ghost guns” as well.

    3. Absolutely. No criminal is spending the money to build something for 600 bones when they can buy a stolen throw away for 100 or steal one themselves

    4. @Timothy Mundy Exactly, I priced building an 80% Glock and it would cost almost twice as much as buying new off the shelf.

  3. Personally produced firearms have never needed serial numbers if you build it for you own use. Put Violent offenders in jail and KEEP them there, whether they use a gun or a butter knife.

  4. This entire line of thought is reactive. Although serial numbers might lead authorities to the purcahsers of the gun, it does little or nothing to find or prove who actually pulled the trigger. In addition knowing who shot someone, after the fact, does absolutely nothing to stop that violence.

    1. What Joe doesn’t realize is that he just made it so that Home Depot and the rest of the hardware stores have to become FFLs and stamp serial numbers on much of their plumbing supplies. After all, you can make a ghost gun with this simple kit: 1 3/4″x24″ steel pipe, 1 1″x12″ steel pipe, 1 1″ pipe cap and 1 screw. That is all that is required to make a shotgun.

  5. He uses the example of a recreational deer hunter, and even gets ANGRY about it, but the 2nd Amendment says nothing about recreation or deer hunting.
    I understand there is controversy about the wording and meaning of “militia”, but the Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd Amendment applies to an INDIVIDUAL right to bear arms. (They are the branch of government that gets to settle disputes about the legal meaning of the U.S. Constitution.)
    We don’t need this idiot-in-chief prescribing the maximum magazine capacity for our entire country. This policy announcement was a reaction to a shooting in Sacramento, where the shooters were violating basic laws that are already in place: specifically they were felons in possession of firearms.
    How is it that passing new laws is going to help, when the felons commiting these crimes are not following basic laws that are already on the books?
    Enforcement and prosecution of gun-related felonies are needed more than symbolic laws that criminals will not follow.

    1. Here is a way of looking at the actual meaning of the word Militia. The anti gunners claim that it covers only governmental agencies. So then, let’s apply that definition to the second half of the amendment. That leaves the second half under their logic saying ( “The right of the government to keep and bear arms” ). Now tell me, when has any government ever needed to enshrine it’s ability to be armed? The answer is never. Therefor, the people, being the individuals for whom the government works, must have the right. That then shows that the first half makes sense as ” the people, being well experience in the use of arms and as such being well regulated form the Militia”.

  6. “You couldn’t buy a cannon when the second amendment passed.” Sir, private citizens could purchase cannons and there were privately owned warships. You are wrong on many levels.

  7. What in the heck?? He walks over and it’s a stripped hand gun that you have to have an background check done to purchase.. Yes we saw a holding block for an AR block, but seriously how dumb did they just make the president and the ATF look in that 5 seconds…

  8. 22:57 Should be the same with civilians. Don’t take away the means for people to defend themselves; how will that make us safer?

  9. Tell me you dont understand 80% lowers with out telling me you dont understand 80% lowers.

    “Ghost guns” or unserialized weapons have been illegal to sell. All this does is arbitrarily turn a piece of unfinished metal into a “gun” which it is not.

  10. No criminal is going to leave their 80% ghost gun build at a crime scene. Spewing a bunch of lies. Tracing a ghost gun after the shooting isn’t going to help save lives.

  11. Talking about taking civilians’ military defense weapons?! DURING AN INVASIVE WAR?!
    A bit fishy to me.๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸ
    Not to mention it ONLY affects law abiding citizens.๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ 

  12. I trust Biden with common sense gun laws like I trust Alec Baldwin with a loaded revolver.

  13. Keep this in mind the next time some blue check mark says they’re not coming for your guns.

  14. If he was serious he would prosecute Hunters gun crimes. This will only sell more guns and make builders more creative. Absolute joke

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