1. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it’s retracing…BE WISE

    1. @Jovaan alvarado I trade with her, The profit are secured and over a 100% return on investment directly sent to your wallet..

  2. Using ethanol tied food prices more directly to oil costs. Does Joe understand that using 15% ethanol damages your car engine? Does he care? NO. Just wants a quick fix for votes

  3. Food prices already high enough, e15 won’t help your car will get less miles per gallon, one dumb idea after another.

  4. E15 does not save money, the drop in fuel economy offsets the savings. Yeah it may be cheaper to “fill up” but your fuel usage will increase because your mpg goes down, less energy density.

  5. As of 2014 only newer cars could even run e15. That means everybody who’s struggling with an older car will very soon not have a car. That means this hurts the poorest, literally their constituency. How does this make sense

  6. Don’t use E15 in your car before checking the Owners Manual… or inside the gas door of your car… it will seriously ruin your fuel system, catalytic converter, CO sensors, and even your entire engine if your car wasn’t engineered for E15 blended gasoline… in fact it may even VOID YOUR CAR’S WARRANTY

  7. Should try 15% Ethanol in Air Force One. Feel bad for pilots and service staff, other people not important.. let’s go Brandon..

  8. Increasing ethanol content from the standard 10% blend to 15% can cause problems including fuel system component swelling, erratic fuel level indicators, faulty check-engine lights and failure of other parts that can lead to breakdowns, said Bob Greco, the American Petroleum Institute’s downstream director.

  9. Using ethanol to bring down the price of gas is like buying a brand new refrigerator, then selling it on ebay to pay your mortgage payment. Ethanol takes more energy to make than it produces- and it will drive up the cost of corn- which we need to eat. Wrong in so many ways. FJB LGB

  10. Ethanal can damage older cars and most small engine equipment. All gasoline engines will consume more gallons when using ethanol blended fuels, cars get worse mileage per gallon, off setting any price savings.

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