President Biden's Approval At 59 Percent In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

President Biden’s Approval At 59 Percent In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Biden's approval rating stands at 59 percent, according to new Politico/Morning Consult numbers. Also, the president has GOP support for some elements of his infrastructure plan. Aired on 04/14/2021.
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President Biden's Approval At 59 Percent In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. If you give everything To people who don’t deserve it and have it work for it this will destroy America

    2. @Andres Herrera Wise words indeed Grasshopper however anyone who generalizes about skin color is racist! Thanks for your Concern..

    3. Time to grow up soy boi. The gov’t isn’t supposed to take care of you. Bet you live in mommys basement with your gameboy,right?

  1. The mandate comes from the voters, not the elected!! Don’t you doubt it for a second Joe!!!

    The GOP doesn’t even represent it’s own voters. How do you work with someone who’s interests are so clearly focused on money to the detriment of their fellow citizens. Money money money. They don’t care what their kids are gonna breathe, but they’re terrified for what their kids will have to pay back. That’s GOP logic folks.

    1. Well said.
      And there are still the deluded (Babies ) that think Drumph is the answer!!!
      A shocked view from afar

  2. What’s different with Joe Biden is he’s looking for the country to move forward and heal, he’s looking to help keep us safe he wants the country to flourish not just his political party

    1. @italian stallion Hi Stallion! 18 Chinese trademarks granted to Trump companies in Sept & Oct 2018. A total of 41 trademarks had been granted by April 2019. This was reported by that left-wing liberal rag, Forbes Magazine.

    2. No one in their right mind opens the floodgates to illegals during a pandemic unless they’re banking on future voters…Biden doesn’t care about Americans, get real!

    3. @italian stallion And Biden recently stepped in front of Americans to condemn what he called Asian racism when he then contributed to it w/his anti Asian presidential campaign ads which he had to remove after cries he was fearmongering…he’s such a racist hypocrite!

    4. @isabel lind Welcome to YouTube, no-content Isabel who joined three days before the election. What’s for lunch over in Novosibirsk today?

  3. The GQP wants a tyranny of the minority, even if the country is devastated. They can always find some way of blaming the Dems.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH tyranny of the minority means that Wyoming, Montana, and all of the other states that no one lives in gets to dictate what the majority of the country has to put up with.

    2. @skrapyard444 I don’t know if it’s too many sweetheart but if you’re referring to the electoral college that’s a whole different story and then technically it would be in the reverse the states that are the most populated with dictate what everyone else did. listen you want to play politics with me honey let’s play

    3. @Alva Gonzalez Yes and Donald Trump the election too right? come on, GTF outta here with your projection and deflection. You people are pure trash and you know it.

  4. Correction tion: the Bill includes a lot of things they don’t consider to be necessary or important, things they don’t care about. Because, if you don’t live up to their standards – in health or finances- then you deserve to suffer.

    1. Seriously. As a disabled person, home health care is absolutely essential to my ability to live and have any sort of quality of life and so is quite precisely, infrastructure.

  5. Moscow Mitch is living in the 50’s. To him infrastructure is roads and bridges. He probably hasn’t discovered the internet yet. And he has no use for education and health care for ordinary Americans

  6. I would like to see a poll in Manchins state and maybe a federal vote run by federal rules to show what the people want. And show that in republican states the representatives need to be worried about what their people want.

    1. I would LOVE to see a poll like that in my deep red state. From federal down through local reps.

  7. What’s Mitch McConnell really known for?
    From where I sit in the Caribbean he seems to oppose everything, it doesn’t matter who is president.

    1. Mitch is known for: Trying to make Barack Obama a one-term president and failing, and for trying to make Donand Trump a two-term president … and failing.

    2. @The Road We Drove ____travels with Woody____ Well, at least he gave him a scolding the second time.

    1. It would be if there wasn’t such deep ridiculous division and Trumpland continuing the Big Lie. Twice impeached formerly one term Citizen Trump.

  8. He’s been doing a great job! Mitch McConnell… I’m from Kentucky, and I’m truly sorry. I voted. It frankly defies logic that he continues to hold office.

    1. Joe Biden has a 86% approval rating with drug cartels. He also enjoys a 93% approval rating with human traffickers. 78% of the American Communist Party supports Biden. Thanks for your Concern!

  9. Mitch McConnell is still bitter that he isn’t in charge anymore. He can’t stand that the American people are being helped and not his precious corporations that line his pockets.

    1. TR! You realize when the car was invented, many refused to give up their horses, fossil fuels are a similar problem. People refuse to accept the inevitable. The inevitable being that in 160 years we went from oil wells to fracking! Fossil fuels are a finite resource!

    1. @Marshall Mathers I don’t know. Biden just told Hispanics & Afro Americans it’s their fault for not knowing how to go online to access the covid vaccine program. Who knew Biden thinks so many are computer illiterate?!

    2. @Lulu Pinto You’re oblivious. Trump is far worse and will go down in history as the worst president and biggest joke in US history.

  10. The USA in the 1950s and early 1960s led the world in looking after its own citizens.

    Then Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand got healthcare, modern Bills of Rights and Constitutions.

    Now my American friends are falling behind.

  11. To get money you need to spend it.most of that money will come back in job creation and supply networks and go back into the economy.not only will it improve services but in a failing country but will also be the shot in the arm america needs at the moment.

    1. With his taxes on corporation’s and hughwage and the covid bill money just who do you think will pay that back. It is free we all will be paying for years to come. The more the spend the more tax you will pay. When your pay checks are less you’ll know your paying for what they are doing.

    2. @Kaye Wilkins the tax breaks for the rich did nothing for the middle class… Im not worried about taxes going up if our bills didnt get smaller when we gave them tax cuts

    3. @sushi bois when the taxes got up on the high wage earners the corporation. They move their companies out of the u s . Now the tax they were to pay isn’t being paid. The government needs it so to get it it is going to be put on the middle class. It a never ending battle. And when the companies are gone there are no jobs to be had. That leaves the middle class hung out to dry. With no jobs where do you go you either leave move somewhere there are jobs or you draw your unemployment and when that’s gone you go on welfare. Now you are dependent on the government just where they want ya. That’s communism.

    4. @Kaye Wilkins they’re going to come up w a median tax on corporatins even in other countries… It makes no sense that Coca-Cola can exploit resources without giving their fair share back to the area they’re stationed… Breaking down big corporations and keeping money out of politics can solve that

  12. Biden just goes to work every day making things better for all of us. No tweets, no abusive rhetoric, no self adulation, no bs. He just gets the job done. I’m lovin’ it! Keep goin’ Joe.

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