President Donald Trump: Coronavirus Will Disappear One Day ‘Like A Miracle’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

President Donald Trump: Coronavirus Will Disappear One Day ‘Like A Miracle’ | Deadline | MSNBC


The Trump administration tries to downplay the fears over coronavirus as the World Health Organization describes the global risk as “very high. Aired on 02/28/20.
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President Donald Trump: Coronavirus Will Disappear One Day ‘Like A Miracle’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Yes, because one thing medical science always takes into account when tackling a pandemic is the occurence of miracles.

    1. Indeed. Trump’s fantasy of the ‘Witch Hunt’ is at least appropriate considering his reliance upon delusions of Grandeur.

    1. @Joseph Swartzentruber, affirmative action doesn’t really allow job requirements to be ignored and if the job requires no qualifications, it can be filled by anyone.

      Your argument makes about as much sense as the hysteria based around Mexicans taking all of your jobs where, once again, unqualified people are not going to be assigned to jobs where qualifications are necessary.

      You lot really need to stop being such snowflakes

    2. @Loccyster
      Hillary would say you do not need better weapons and more troops I am Sacrificing your butts to my Democrat dream .

    3. @john patterson, you do realise Trump promised to bring your troops home but sent more over to the Middle East, right?

      Do you hate him as much as you hate Hillary? Or are you just looking for things to pin on a woman who isn’t President due to gerrymandering even though she won the popular vote, in order to take the focus away from Trumps failings?

    1. wandering spirit
      That’s a very good point. If your are in the 1% then Trump has been good to you.

      While the 99% should be in awe of how good the 1% have it with Trump?

      Your lack of understanding is… amazing.

    2. @wandering spirit what does that have to do with trump and an anti science moronic administration have to do with anything…stupid boomers

    1. @Syrus Coy An intelligent response isn’t obnoxious. What’s obnoxious is your weak attempt to undermine an intelligent response by mocking it. Stay ignorant; it’s obviously where you feel most comfortable.

    2. @Inde nmc That was not “intelligent” by any means, it was ridiculously pompous just as your dimwitted, teenage comment is!

    3. @Joseph Swartzentruber you believe what comes out of the mouth of DONALD TRUMP. it doesn’t get dumber than you, kid.

  2. “We must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities… still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.”
    –Charles Darwin

    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
    –Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I am reminded of these two quotes everytime Trump opens his mouth.

    1. @jabberwolf Yeah, we could do that–but then, we’d be here writing for over a week–and you know–lives to get back to–while we’ve still got them

    2. @Karl K Yeah, all those doctors and scientists are in cahoots with the global news agencies and are lying to everyone.

    1. Don’t forget, the Pence family business of 200 gas stations cost the tax payers more than $20m to clean up so far. Those inconsiderate jackasse’s just left a total mess of the environment in order for that disgusting family to pursue ‘The American Dream’..
      At least 85 contaminated sites over 3 states that contaminated drinking water. Kiel Bros. Stations.
      The actual cost to clean up his mess is being hidden from the public because he’s learning from trump… Enjoy!

  3. WTF is going on. Can’t some sane person get control of this pandemic. The president is a raving lunatic and his toadies have blinders on!!!!????

    1. @shkspr78 s Scary. Well chanting your glorious leaders empty, self-serving words will surely bring your country out of this danger.

    2. @Numinous20111 oh how absolutely wonderful!!!
      I have no doubt that one day you will learn to wash your hands after you void your bladder and bowels. It’s great that even liberals can learn simple hygiene techniques.

  4. Just when you thought this administration couldn’t be any more corrupt or ignorant they reach a new level. Amazing. And there is Trumpturds or Russian Bots defending it. Wow.

  5. Yes we need a miracle or two. Remove the VIRUS in the oval office and a vaccine to eradicate CARONA VIRUS. Which one is of the highest priority?

    1. @The Herald Do you believe there will never be a lethal pandemic ? What or who would convince you if there was one? By the time your family, friends and neighbors were dying all around you it would already be way too late. The stakes are much too high to be even slightly blasé about this. If it should turn out to be no worse than an annual flu virus then that would be an acceptable outcome, if not, the longer there is no co-ordinated plan of action the more deaths there could be. Every government around the world should be as prudent as possible, yet Trump is sticking his head in the sand and ignoring all advice from experts (as usual) just because he has no motivation other than greedy self -interest. He is arrogant and uneducated, an extremely dangerous combination when in charge of a national emergency (and not one he has invented himself this time)

  6. “I have a good brain and have said allot of things…”
    We. R. Screwed.
    I’m positive, that if my dog could talk, it would sound more intelligenter than captain orange.

    1. More than that they have hatred and contempt for the poor and middle classes. So yes I always have the feeling that the White House does not care.

    2. The only people he cares about are his far right base. He panders only to them and gives the rest of us the middle finger. If there is a big cornavirus outbreak in the south, rural midwest or the Appalachia region, then he will suddenly become very concerned about it.

    3. @frankfurt02 – FYI – he does NOT care about his base. He cares about his base’s VOTES. And about the narcissistic supply, they give him at his rallies.

      They can literally ALL die horribly of CV19 as long as they cast their vote first.
      Sadly this will never occur to them.

    4. Trump and his administration thinks that
      CORONAVIRUS will pass by them ..! PENCE will PRAY IT AWAY..he thinks!!
      Trump just thinks he too important and the VIRUS
      Will not INFECT HIM. TOO LATE , TRUMP is already
      A NASTY pus filled sexual diseases ridden mentally ill old man .

  7. THEE only ” MIRACLE” we need is for ” HIM” to LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am praying for ” THAT MIRACLE”!!!!!!!!

    1. @alisha lindsey
      While praying for miracles may help Ms.Lindsey, I strongly suggest you exercise your PAID FOR IN BLOOD RIGHT TO VOTE BLUE IN November!

    2. ​@Figris Tek After Trump loses the election, you pro-Trump people should move to Brazil or the Philippines, because Jair Bolsonaro and Rodrigo Duterte will still be the presidents of those countries and they are the ones Trump likes the most, since they are the most like him. It would be interesting to see if you would complain about one of those presidents after you move to one of those countries.

    1. Andrea Nestore No. I think he was talking about Trump. When you’re lungs are filling up and you’re literally drowning from the Covid 19. Remember, it’s just a Democratic hoax and those 2,800 plus people in China didn’t really die. So, when your relatives start dying remember it’s all a hoax.

    2. @Mohaine
      It’s impossible that the daily death toll in China went from 250 in one day to only 25 .
      They are Lieing about the death toll already .

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