President Donald Trump’s Strange Habit Of Retweeting Obscure Accounts | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Patrick Sanders i see your contradicting yourself! And for your info in the Netherlands the tach in elementary that the tulip come from turkey was introduced in Switzerland then made his way tothe Netherlands dont believe me grab a history book or google for all i care (do that before you call a person stupid ) if the french are pretensious for claiming cheese when all they did was alter a known recipe, how is what the dutch did different. You see the error in your thinking?

    2. @Carla Costa Sorry Carla, but Canada is on the points system for immigration. You need to contact an embassy, but she could come to university here on a student visa. Be aware that international students pay more for school, and she may not be allowed to stay here once she’s finished school.

    3. @Don Francisco don’t think you’ve ever been here, so I doubt you are speaking from personal experience. No one here would agree with you, DONNY!!

    1. @CNR Wicked Trumps father was in the real estate business. Trump was in the pageant business. Fail. The self help business. Fail. The casino business. Fail. The television business. Fail. The President business. Fail.

    2. @CNR Wicked Trumps water business failed. Trumps steak and meat business failed in 90 days. Basically, nearly everything he’s done for the past 30 years has failed. If not, he’d be successful.

    1. You people sound rediculous.You make it sound like trump and putin have a secret cave layer with a “laser” and are going to blow it up unless they receive a kajillion dollars.You people have let people like roswell rachael rot you’re brain.

    2. @somastic69 So now you have a problem with the president giving a speech? I’m sure the dems will be playing on their phones the entire time.

    1. @Earnest T Bass the Left are the wimps who got smacked around on the playground. When they grew up they got away with being the bully. Not anymore though. Now they are getting it again.

    2. America will never be a socialist/communist country.You have all been defeated by President Donald John Trump.Be gone demons!Happy New Year!

  1. Because the orange clown is acting like a mob boss. That PO💩 isn’t acting on our best internet, he is doing it for his own.

    1. Mslansones……. So he isn’t acting in our best *internet* There you go show youre intelligent’s ..lmao.. Orange man bad… haha.

    2. @Gabriel Magnum If that in fact does not happen,ars you going to stop following fake news and apologize for scaring people?

  2. He had to go work on his tan and his figure…. Nothing like some South Florida cocaine and Sun, to thin someone down…..

    I am guessing, he rides a cart, from hole to hole?

    He should have John Daily come play golf with him…..

    1. Why ?….

      He’s already got Daly’s vote…..

      In fact he’s having to dig deeply into golf guests, to find any he needs to court…..

  3. Hes using a russian bot service that alerts and schedules some of those using his twitter access token. Can we have Twitter report back?

    1. If by “staff” you include the Internet Research Agency, 4 Chan, 8 Chan, and The_Donald, then sure his staff starts these accounts.

    1. Really? you know we have the number one economy in the world–because of Trump’s policies..wake up moron..

    1. Only a truly ignorant and deplorable sub-species could swoon over Agolf Twitler. Dirt bag donny is the most hideous trust fund brat of all time. Yet the neo-confederates all see and hear a white messhia when they attend the cult/klan rallies. Sickening 😝

    2. @Alex Hamilton not every politician has radical scalp surgery so they can then have the most outrageous comb over, ever, by anyone

  4. The US elected a documented physical coward who also happens to be criminally mentally deranged and more corrupt than all the people incarcerated in lunatic asylums.

    1. @Donee Stoner we know you hate us. That’s why we voted for Trump in the first place. To put you doofuses back in your place at the end of the line where you belong. Take your Democrat heros and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

    2. @jay fine Obama made a speech in the rose garden about trump complaining about foreign interference.He said “no foreign country can change the outcome of an American election”. He then urged trump to campaign harder.Now all liberals do is complain about foreign interference.

  5. Donald “found” an account with 0 followers and 1 tweet, created the previous day.
    Yeah… found… it’s not the administration itself creating these accounts through its associates at all all…

    1. @Chrissy Reed Probaby what Jeffrey Epstein thought too, and oh, by the way Jeffrey Epstein didn’t….oh well, you know the rest.

    2. @turquoise770 I just checked the Q link you provided. What a pile of paranoia! I can’t believe people would believe a lot of that garbage! But, as they say, there’s a sucker born every minute.

  6. In the Senate at the end of 2019—and on the desk of Mitch McConnell—there are about 300 bills approved so far by the House and sent to the Senate for approval. And because Trump repeatedly claims that the House is run by ‘do nothing Democrats‘, uncle Mitch is not sending them to the W.H. He is not only afraid but is also morally rotten.
    These are NOT some crazy Dems bills. About 90% of the bills are the result of the House‘s bi-partisan approval.
    The bills are important and are ranging from climate change, domestic violence, healthcare coverage, and even regarding the cost of prescription drugs.
    I‘m curious is out here a single sane GOP supporter that may find this logical, fair, reasonable and legal?
    Should I mention that in the same time, Nancy is under heavy attacks from the same GOP and the followers, because she is (still) holding off the articles of impeachement!

    1. Don Francisco It’s the mindset not the people or even the party. The solutions to humans problems is fixing humanity ourself.

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