President-elect Joe Biden unveils economic team | USA TODAY 1

President-elect Joe Biden unveils economic team | USA TODAY


President-elect Joe Biden is set to unveil an all-star economic team Tuesday to tackle a darkening winter outlook as the USA struggles to dig out of the worst recession in a century.

Analysts expect stiff resistance from a split Congress whose Republicans are reluctant to further swell the massive deficit.

At the forefront of Biden's team is former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, his pick for Treasury secretary. Other appointees include Neera Tanden, a former aide to Hillary Clinton and chief executive of the left-leaning think tank Center for American Progress, to head the Office of Management and Budget. Cecilia Rouse, dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, has been tapped to lead the Council of Economic Advisers.

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    1. Benjamin Mendez 1) You don’t know my race or my real name 2) You just got done assuming I’m white because I support our President Trump, mind you several people of many races and sexes have voted for Trump 3) You assume all white people are racist without knowing anything about them- when really you are the racist- FYI hating any race based on the color of their skin or assuming anything about the color of their skin even white people makes you racist.

    2. Benjamin Mendez it is un-American to not have our votes count and to allow voter fraud, if Biden won legitimately I’d be okay with that, no way was he more popular than Obama. 1) dominion voter machine 2) dead people voting 3) ballots being dropped off at 3:00 am 4) Ballots for Trump found in garbages and on the side of the road
      It’s unacceptable and un-American if Biden has to cheat to win he did not win and it is not American. No one should support a cheater.

    3. xo Kayla we cannot comply with this….. the reason we live in this county is because of patriots before us. They fought! We need to fight this!

    4. All I keep hearing around me now is everyone in our state is buying all the ammo they can afford… I guess that counts as pissed.

    1. @Annie Paulson boo hoo! If you really pay more taxes you don’t get to complain. You make more than 400,000 a year? Or you don’t even know how taxes work much less how a marginal tax rate works!

    2. Kuil no you don’t! If you take money away from people that pay you 1) they can afford to leave so you don’t have a job 2) they won’t be able to afford to pay you 3) it gives zero incentive to try and make anything out of yourself to anyone so you don’t know anything about how it works

  1. Can anyone please show me when/ when the office of the president elect actually became a thing? Just asking for a friend.

  2. Anyone who has a concern about Biden’s age should propose a policy that limits age and while you’re at it, include the president cannot pardon anyone convicted of a crime that was associated with the president, the president cannot knowingly withhold information about a pandemic and yet not work with scientists for a cure. Sorry disinfectant and bleach do not count…oh and the president should care enough about the people to ensure they have access to the covid care that he had access…clearly if the ship is sinking, trump motto “save yourself”.. lastly proof is required anything else is smoke and mirrors….let’s make sure America does not experience this again…focusing on a person’s age ..we all should be so lucky…

  3. Biden is a scammer…

    Do YOU agree that Joe wasn’t joking when he said he didn’t need people’s votes to get elected?

  4. America! America! We must move forward to standing together in unity, and not divisive. The country is in a health crisis brought on by the covid-19 virus. I believe, we must give the newly elected President Joe Biden, the support he needs to help all Americans through this crisis. President elect Joe Biden has the experience to effectively communicate with the Republicans in Congress to work together for the good of its citizens. I also believe, that the elected President Joe Biden will need to be mindful that the federal government has worked hard to make changes in society for all of its citizens. Now it’s time for the The American people to exercise patience, work within the structure of supporting sound policies that are designed to help all Americans. Mr. Biden will need to show that he’s aware that many Americans that voted for Mr. Trump, did so, because they feel that they are forgotten and that the social values they have for God, family, and country are forgotten. “

    1. I agree with your post on many levels. I was truly distressed at the rioting I witnessed in our Country this Summer and I definitely support marching for a cause, but the other stuff, the violence upsets me greatly.
      I feel like the extremes seem to keep getting in the spotlight; when most Americans are peacefully in the middle. Joe Biden is a Good Catholic and I Believe he has good values.

  5. Really happy to see President-elect Joe Biden is eagerly getting his Team of Economic Problem solvers geared up and ready to go. This is such a crucial time in Saving the Economy and though many people are doing well, so very many are still suffering. I truly Hope & Pray the Economic Team will not only send out a 2nd Stimulus package to ALL Americans (Please!), but that they will really give serious aid to businesses who have been so badly affected this means their out of work employees too! Joe Biden is On It! To be sure. God Bless Joe Biden and May his ankle heal up soon. Rough-housing with Major is nice , but maybe he needs to take it Easy just a bit….Mr. President , We Love You JOE ~ Stay Safe!

  6. The United states ,an advanced democracy, has lost reputation because of the left. Postal voting is the hotbed of the rigged election!!!!
    America’s greatest disgrace if biden really force himself to be president

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