President Trump slams Hunter Biden at first presidential debate | USA TODAY

President Trump rips Joe Biden's son, Hunter.
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President Trump seemed to try to rattle Joe Biden by bringing up Biden’s son, Hunter.

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    1. because trump was attacking biden about his son. it was uncalled for and wallace had to stop trump so biden could respond

    2. @trinity j and then joe said ” that’s not true” now Trump will dig up everything he can find on hunter Bidens corruption and it may just result in a federal indictment for hunter biden.Joe is not very smart,and he should not be running for public office…that little comment is going to get his son locked up.The best thing Joe could have said was something like ” lm not here to discuss hunter,but instead he lied and said ” hunter did nothing wrong”…we will see about that…

    3. @Craig Donaldson ITS TRUE ….y’all just really don’t like the truth do ya….it’s like garlic to a vampire…SMDH

    4. Is that why Wallace never let Biden respond to any of the ridiculous claims Trump made? Why are you people so stupid?! He was simply reacting to Trump’s inability to follow the rules that were AGREED upon by both sides.

  1. the whole clip is important. he ends up bringing biden to tears by the end of it for really no reason.

    1. Robert Hawkins Is Burisma also a lie? Open your eyes, our politicians are and have been crooked for a long time. Trump is the outsider trying to clean it up.

      Since when do people trust politicians?

    2. Jessica Emilia Do you even know who the Proud Boys are? You should check them out, they are mostly composed of minorities.

      They are Americans who show up to stand up to Antifa burning down cities.

      Trump on several occasions has denounced white supremacists just use google. He rightly did not condemn the Proud Boys

  2. Ask yourself who President Xi Jinping, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and President Hassan Rouhani want as President of the United States?

    1. They all want Joe Biden.Trump has cost China billions of dollars ,while joe biden made them billions of dollars.Trump is strengthening our military and conducting exercises in air power that has got Russian jets having to scramble daily…Biden would cut miltary spending and stand down.Trump killed Iran’s most prolific terrorist, biden sent them 1.5 billion in cash….Kim and North Korea have been silenced ,a Biden win would have them back in the headlines again.Biden is weak,and every bully in the world knows this…they are all wanting Biden to win ,there is just no question about that.Trump is a threat to our enemy’s, Biden is a statistic opportunity to take advantage of the untied states.

    2. @Bax 60 There’s something seriously wrong with you. I mean even just one part of your stupid rant…… are you completely oblivious as to how many missile tests North Korea has been doing under Trump’s watch?

    3. @Jeff Extreme sense when is it trumps job to take car of north Korea what about the 100s of other countries in the world 😂😂


    1. He obviously meant to say it ISNT an open discussion. You know this is was moderated debate that Trump refused to abide by, right? Try learning about context when someone makes a simple goof with a missing word.

  4. I hope everyone realizes the moderator deletes comments that don’t fit the narrative they are wanting. Enjoy the fakeness

    1. New Day hey idiot! This is community moderated. You can delete my comment if you want. Try it if you got the brains to figure out how.

    1. @Bax 60 My guess is “stupid”, actually. What type of black dude singles out the last segregationist in politics and makes him VP?

  5. All of y’all in the comments are Fr outta pocket bringing up his dead son. Anyways that’s why Trumps brother is dead😹what shoes he got on?

    1. Hunter isn’t dead bro how dumb are you😂😂😂😂😂 hes a cokehead and took millions of dollars from foreign countries

    2. Leftists get their “NEWS” from Twitter. They are fed a torrent of short 1-minute clips pushing only leftwing ideology. They never get the full picture, but these idiots form strong opinions about things they know nothing about.

    3. Beau died, hunter is still alive. And even if he was talking about Beau, it’s not half as bad as what Hunter did to his widow!

  6. Teacher, “Children, what have you learned in school this week?”
    *Children, “We have learned that Donald Trump is not a successful businessman but just an ordinary reality show star.”*
    Teacher, “Good, what else have you learned?”
    *Children, “We have learned that massive debt is not good and if no-one in America will give you a loan because you have gone bankrupt 6 times already, Russian companies like maybe Bayrock Group with their criminal connections could become dangerous business partners if you can’t pay up.”*
    Teacher, “Very good, anything else?”
    *Children, “We still get afraid when Donald Trump’s Brownshirts pass us by in their big trucks with Donald Trump MAGA-flags. Trump did say they should Stand Back And Stand By but we don’t believe him because he has been caught lying over 20.000 times.”*
    Teacher, “I know children, you have to be careful with those Brownshirts.”

  7. The Democratic party should have the easiest presidential win in history over Trump, but they nominated a incompetent senile old man thats throwing away the easiest election ever.

    1. How u imply things about Trump and behave like him… bully and being I respectful is a trend behaviour in USA and you know better “ incompetent senile old man” ageism is other way of discrimination hope when u het old remember this coment

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