Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds briefing at White House | USA Today 1

Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds briefing at White House | USA Today


President Joe Biden has brought back a White House tradition: daily press briefings.

Press secretary Jen Psaki will become a daily fixture as the face of the Biden administration. The news briefings became rare for Psaki's predecessor. During President Donald Trump’s final year in office, news briefings wouldn't happen for weeks at a time.

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  1. President Biden Harris are being blocked off from hearing on my tablet what’s up with that congrats to you all be safe God bless you all

    1. It’s President Biden. VP Harris. Maybe blocked because they have nothing worth hearing. Day (2) and already destroyed thousands of jobs. Energy prices, gas prices, and taxes going up. Oh, Joy.

    1. Because they refuse to answer questions. When has Biden himself answered any question? He’s awake for 20 minutes and then disappears.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I need to go back and count how many ahh’s or umm’s. I love this administration so much but this definitely needs a count.

  2. Why does it seem that White House reporters seem to be “out of practice”? And why do reporters keep expecting Biden to dictate to the American Congress, rather than let them discuss and make their own joint decisions?

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    1. None. such Democrat BS. Exactly what they want… government control. You’ll make money when and where I want you to make money. If I hear “UMM” one more time, I’m going to scream!

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  5. Excelente job to stand up and listen and answers from reporters.
    Very good signal of democracy and transparency

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