Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds first White House briefing of Biden's presidency | USA TODAY 1

Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds first White House briefing of Biden’s presidency | USA TODAY


Incoming White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gives first White House briefing on day 1 of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Hours after President Joe Biden was sworn into office, White House officials released the names of the administration's acting agency heads as the president's nominees await Senate confirmation.

The move allows Biden to install members of his own team rather than rely on any of former President Donald Trump's political appointees left within the federal government beyond Jan. 20.

Biden's political appointees have faced severe delays in the weeks between the president's election victory and the inauguration. Trump had his defense and homeland secretaries confirmed when he took office while former President Barack Obama had six of his nominees in place by the time he was sworn in.

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    1. @OnTheLake Valin Hess from The Mandalorian was right.
      “Everybody thinks they want freedom. But what they really want is order.”

    2. Lol, meaningless talks from the globalist and the corrupt globalist media will give softball questions only and you think its impressive and good.. Good look America, your country is gone soon

    1. MAGA rubes are such crybabies. Living proof that wearing Wal-Mart load vests and Duck Dynasty Kits …does not make you an operator or intelligent.

  1. I watch C-SPAN for fun I’m wierd I love this stuff, it’s all loaded with serious information needed to not get taken advantage of all day long, civic duty if you have time it’s imperative

    1. @yucrane宇鹤 i live in Austin Tx ho and yes we do support Biden. Trump was the worst president in US history. Try again

    1. Notice that they aren’t asking questions nearly as hard as the ones asked during Trump’s presidency. They don’t bring up Biden’s controversies. Just shows that they’re biased lying pos

  2. The phrase, “fake news” has disappeared from the WH finally! What a relief. Maturity has won the day 🙂

  3. I am almost giddy hearing adults talking!! This is so amazing!! No more airheads with their little cross necklaces responding something like “I know you are but what am I!” We made it (whew )it seems like a lifetime ago.

    1. @Happy Cynic they’re asking the same questions, weird how you think it’s the media’s fault they’re receiving different answers.

    2. @Happy Cynic because we don’t have a orange spray face and a brain dead blonde calling press “nasty” or “fake” all the time just because the press is fact checking them

    3. @Thomas Evans where have you been living at for the last 4 years. The willful ignorance of you liberals is astonishing, especially if you believe that the press acted with ethics for the last 4 years. Jim Acosta made his name trying to cause gafs and asking ridiculous questions. But people will hear what they want to hear clearly you are no exception smh.

    4. @Thomas Evans I’d like to see you prove they’re asking the same questions and giving the same treatment. But you won’t

    5. @Happy Cynic true. It’s impossible to ask the same questions. They wouldn’t ask a Trump press secretary about negotiating a relief package because he really never introduced a relief package but waited till Congress had one finished to complain. Went after her on how they’ll get the package out with Republicans saying it’s too much.

  4. This feeling, like when my super cute annoying baby niece finally calms down after bottle of warm milk.

  5. Watching this press briefing was like drinking from the cold drinking fountain after a hot summers day. Very refreshing.

    1. My sentiments exactly. However many issues I have with the Democrats, past and present, it is a relief to have civility and respect in government again. Let us hope they address the underlying problems that created Trump in the first place.

  6. Can’t believe we started with Sean Spicer claiming, “HE DOESNT EVEN OWN A ROBE!” To the class and grace of Jen delivering information in a concise manner.

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