1. Why doesn’t Vladimir work on solving the real problems in Russia?…The Russian people deserve better

  2. Targeted missile attack during the day, for the maximum number of victims. Today in this concert hall at 18.00 was scheduled a charity concert.

    1. Military, legit targets.
      It was a meeting between weapon dealer with commander of Ukrainan air force plus officers. Soon see some foreign weapon dealer have disappear. This was military used building called officers building.

  3. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, 1954

  4. “An appeaser is someone who feeds crocodiles hoping to be the last to be eaten.” Winston Churchill

    1. This doesn’t apply to what’s happening right now, Ukraine does not have the military capability or man power to beat Russia, they have a few bargaining chips left, if they wanna continue fighting like idiots let them, they will just get conquered.

    2. What is the fault of the common people,
      Was he devoted to fire and steel?
      We are guilty of only one thing,
      That we didn’t kneel. But the day will come, our hour will come!
      Hear my call, rise up, Ukraine!
      Be ready for the last battle!
      And in that battle we will stand
      together in close ranks. And in that fight we will win
      Arise, Ukraine, the Almighty is with us!

    3. @Res Teras it was never easy. People just weren’t that spoiled and actually had values they were ready to defend outside Twitter and their couch.

    1. *As a Czech with ukrainian, slovakian and czech blood flowing in my veins i say VIVA RUSSIA!*

    2. Reuters: “On July 14, Kalibr (cruise) missiles were launched at the House of Officers in Vinnytsia,” Russia’s defence ministry said in its daily update. “The facility was hosting a conference of the Ukrainian Armed Forces command with representatives of foreign arms suppliers … The attack resulted in the elimination of the participants.”

  5. There should be conditions and protocols for removing or suspending permanent members of the UN Security Council. The bar should be very high, but behaviors like this should not be tolerated. That goes for the US too in collateral damages in the global war on terrorism.

  6. My buddy and his wife lived in the first building they showed….I wonder if the guy that pushed the button is aware of what he’s done…how tf do these monsters live with themselves?

    1. of course they know where and why they are beating , this is the house of officers , and what hooked the civilians , well , it happens that you didn ‘t yell like that when the United States shot weddings from helicopters in Iraq , well , you didn ‘t scream when the APU beat kindergartens and maternity hospitals every day , sit quietly there we will finish the special operation and everything will be fine

    2. @Gaming with Blaze Americans found it funny to shoot weddings in Iraq from helicopters, do you remember these shots, do you remember their laughter?

  7. Never forget and never forgive. Russia was always a terror state and the world was calling Polish ppl “rusophobic” when we were telling the truth. Russian slaughter of innocent civillians makes my blood boil

    1. @MVE That is exactly why we shouldn’t provoke them…unfortunately some will have to learn this in hard way.

    2. @ልዑል And Ukraine had what to do with that? Ukrainian children should be killed because of that somehow? What is your logic for that?

  8. It’s simply mind-bending to see such episode about your own hometown .. Hold tight brothers and sisters, Victory Will be Ours! Slava Ukraine

    1. It was a meeting between weapon dealer with commander of Ukrainan air force plus officers. Soon see some foreign weapon dealer have disappear. This was military used building called officers building.

  9. Retransmission homing, also called “track-via-missile” or “TVM” …proximity fuse… as there are different types of missiles, some of which require physical contact with the target in order to detonate, while others are designed to detonate as soon as they come close enough to the target. The latter type of missile, which uses a proximity fuse, will detonate automatically when the distance between the missile and the target becomes less than a predetermined value. This allows for more damage to be inflicted over a larger area without actually hitting anything.
    anti- air
    continuous rod warheads

    1. Yes we all know the types of munitions and their designed affects but why mention this, it doesn’t counter anything from the report- it’s been widely known since the first days of war with parrot shells even in the Civil War that had delayed fuses meant for an air burst dealing more damage to troops on the ground- and even with nuclear bombs. They are designed to detonate above the target so this is knowledge just about everyone knows haha 🙂

  10. I think the ratio of explosive damage to incendiary damage of the missile that hit the road could match a thermobaric warhead. at least that could be an explanation for why the crater isn’t blown out like it would be with typical high explosive warheads, where the charge detonates very close to or in the ground with very high detonation velocity. a thermobaric warhead instead disperses a cloud of flammable dust and vapor that forms an explosive mixture with the air and then gets ignited, which makes the explosion more diffuse, centered some way above the ground, and the shock wave is much softer than with high explosives. it would make a lot of sense for the resulting crater of that would be shallow, wide, and pushed in rather than blown out. thermobaric warheads also radiate more heat relative to the explosive damage compared to high explosive warheads, which could explain how so many cars in a pretty big radius caught fire instead of just being bent out of shape.

  11. Russia can use long missiles to attack Ukraine cities but Ukraine can’t have missiles that can hit targets in Russia. Perhaps if things in Russia started blowing up, it might lead to a quicker resolution of the war.

    1. @raidermaxx23останні українські ракети були знищені в 2004 за сприяння росії

    2. @True Beloved крилаті ракети дуже важко знищити ‘тим паче тим ппо що в нас є

  12. Every time russia hits civilians targets NATO needs to up the game on the weapons they are supplying Ukraine such as long range missiles (more than the 70km range they have now…300km is what they need) You can’t have one side breaking all the rules of engagement n expect the other side to do nothing but complain about it. Fight fire with fire n make them wish they had never started this war

    1. It was a meeting between weapon dealer with commander of Ukrainan air force plus officers. Soon see some foreign weapon dealer have disappear. This was military used building called officers building.

    2. @grindcorizer mate ur lot have been fighting amongst n killing each other forever. Between the countries in ur part of the world you have committed so many atrocities on each other its sickening. Too much history, too much hate, too much revenge…n it goes on n on. Both world wars have been started in ur part of the world, do u see the pattern? My grandparents served in ww2. They made it back but were changed. My Koro on my dads side fought for C Company’s 28th Maori Battalion. My granddad on mums side served the Royal Merchant Navy n both were sickened by what they saw n what people can do to each other. We are a peaceful nation n only fight in wars when aggressors needed stopping, that is our way. If we take a side u can bet it’s because the other side is trying to take what is not theirs to take

  13. Imagine that some of our foreign friends call for the surrender of territories in order to save the face of russia. What will you say now, when we are being killed 400 km from the front? Can you share a piece of your land?

  14. Awful crime 😔😭😭😭😭
    This is not war but cruelty.
    When will this stop????!!

    1. @Раман Kurmangaliev здравствуйте,
      Не знала. После второй мировой войны в 37 стран 20 миллионов людей убити?😯😔
      Виетнам, ирак так далее ?🤔

  15. The war in Ukraine 🇺🇦 is meant to open your eyes to the reality in the financial system. Real estate firm and other businesses are also closed too only crypto holders are spending money with ease..

    1. My first investments with him profited me $40,000 ever since then he keeps delivering. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to do it.

    2. Every comment session on youtube has something nice to say about Mr Fred Lius.I just sent him a message I’m looking forward to his response.💯💯

    3. He deserves more accolades, just the same way I was going through comment and I saw this. I gave a try and bet something I never regretted

    4. Pro Ukrainians and Pro Russians can both agree that using this conflict to promote crypto currency is annoy as hell

  16. These types of missiles actually explode before hitting the ground to cause maximum damage and casualties. This may explain why the crater was small compared to other’s we’ve seen. If the missile was in fact fired from a submarine, the fear is that it may have only been a Russian test because Nuclear, Chemical and Biological warheads must also explode before they hit the ground for maximum affect, and they don’t need to be accurate.

  17. “‘Pretty grim’ (says) CNN reporter in Vinnytsia after Russian missile strike” so let’s otherwise #ConvinceItForward

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