Price Gouging | Rise in Crime in Jamaica | 10,000 Jobs | TVJ Midday – May 30 2022

Price Gouging | Rise in Crime in Jamaica | 10,000 Jobs | TVJ Midday - May 30 2022 1


  1. Time for organic practices. You don’t need imports . Neem trees and ashes are all you need. Maybe chicken Manure for fertilizer. Stop foreign dependency

  2. What sort of nonsense is this in regard to this teacher. When you apply for a job, surely they ask you to present all your qualifications and you must be paid accordingly, what sort of slackeness is this. Why is it that the politicians can be stealing money out of the ministry of education and nothing is done about it, yet the teachers who are the educators cannot be paid. What slackeness and down right disregard and disrespect for the teachers.

  3. Just more service jobs. That’s all they want us to be. Invest in Tech and Healthcare training, so that we can compete with the world not SERVE them.

    1. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 it makes me cringe… when we have so many brilliant minds in Jamaica. They rather put them to serve tourist instead .. smh.

  4. Pure slackness Jamaica Government a wicked police officer cannot get their overtime paychecks now teacher cannot get her paycheck for her daily living ,,,,Mighty God of Daniel take charge…look how the Island is going murder rate is almost 600 ,young kids been in danger of been attack by mens

  5. All well thinking Jamaica should raises theirs Voices against the high levels of crime and against the JLP Government they are not doing the nuff to control the crime levels in the country.

  6. Crime is going to continue raising because criminals are been let back to kill some more, those judges are not holding criminals accountable, a yute kill in Jamaica them get 2 years, police need to blame the justice system and some judges an lawyers are being byout by criminals overseas

  7. The whole world is about to go through hyperinflation every one need to an plan to grow and produce there own food ASAP government will not save you.

  8. No justice in mankind I can say this cause they never help me yet.. Mankind brutally wicked in every way they shall wax worst, but God shall keep me in these times of famine.🙏🏼🙇🏽‍♀️📖

  9. Problem in every side Jamaican turn no wonder so much people drop and die too much stress on our head

  10. Here’s my question, why can’t people sue the ministries? Why can’t lawyers take on these cases and have these criminals pay the consequences of their actions? They have a thief walk away with over $100 million but won’t pay teachers? Kmt

  11. Plenty of price gouging going on. People demonstrate their true selves during times of distress. Clearly, these merchants are just plain greedy. You can’t take it with you. And usually, those who you leave it to don’t care about its value. Be fair. Yes prices have done up. But people know the difference between a few dollars higher than double and triple the orginal cost. Come on now.

  12. I hope they’ll least instead of selling out Jamaica and stop give away our beach to the hotel only, let the local get to enjoy it too

  13. 10,000 job! That is great, just hope all these young Jamaicans hold up their heads and don’t get involved in any criminal activities on the seas! With more Jamaicans working I hope crime will leave the island.

  14. IN days gone jamaca used to have price controler on all the shop keper but now they can sell for what they want

  15. When my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I. God have mercies upon Jamaica For give us and heal our Land

  16. Are “young Jamaicans,” and other are making themselves available for training? Per Mr. Golden’s assertion 🤔

  17. Sad to say my sister it took me six years to get my pension Everyday was a different story They finally found my application which was hand delivered on two occasions when I threatened to have them hear from my lawyer they found my application within two days

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