Price: White House Used Taxpayer Dollars To Tweet From Official Account And Smear A Patriot | MSNBC 1

Price: White House Used Taxpayer Dollars To Tweet From Official Account And Smear A Patriot | MSNBC


Ned Price, fmr. Special Assistant to President Obama, discusses the White House's use of an official Twitter account to smear Lt. Col. Vindman. Aired on 11/19/19.
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Price: White House Used Taxpayer Dollars To Tweet From Official Account And Smear A Patriot | MSNBC


    1. @Amy Hinton He dodged the draft. By staying enrolled in ROTC if I remember wright ! Big guy and remember hes a pu##y grabber too !

    2. Except of course when Cheney the 6 deferment from the Vietnam War…sent our kids in harms way….both parties do it. Except Trump is trying to get em home at least. Cynical Vietnam Vet here. We’ve seen BOTH parties self serving by putting kids in harm’s way for oil.

    1. @Jennifer McIntosh the 9 witness said under oath that they had no proof trump did a crime.. and they are the ones that would know

    2. @Jennifer McIntosh you need to watch the video of joe biden telling us how he did a quid pro quo..and you think we are going to turn our backs on that crime.. he cant hide behind our elections

    3. That’s why there a process ALREADY in place to check up on foreign countries who receive financial assistance. They have to meet specific requirements and be actively working and making progress that is conditional for the aid. As it relates to Ukraine, they had already met all the requirements for the aid.

    4. @Jennifer McIntosh there was a new prez that came in.. did you not know that..and we had to take time to check him out.. so quit the crying

    1. @Some Person Sounds like a made up story, but if it’s not your nurse friend won’t be a nurse much longer. I’ve reported this gross violation of hipa law to the fbi.

    2. @Rowgue51 and your opinion matters why exactly? You’re adorable but Trump is dying and you have to accept it snowflake…

    1. @nunya business we can only hope to be so lucky. I don’t recall congressmen or senators though, and thats where the real power over this resided

  1. I guess the strategy is to commit one impeachable offense every day or two. That way, they’ll never be able to finish the paperwork and investigations and bring forth a comprehensive list for the articles of impeachment.

    Maybe we need to work hard to vote all these criminals out of office next year, then spend the next few years trying them all. They must be held accountable or we need to stop pretending we are a nation of laws and order and admit that it’s just another oligarchy.

  2. I am saying this with sympathy and no hate!
    America, your country is going down the drain, the world isn’t laughing anymore, it’s just sad now.
    I hope you can turn this around!

    1. @thisguy
      When I say ‘you”, I don’t mean you personally, (although people are responsible for whom they elect) I mean your country.
      I’m not from Britain, not relevant but their most “questionable behavior” was undoubtedly sending their worst to America.

    2. Jim Battersbee actually, before starting with that Britain stuff, you might want to ask a Brit.

      Historically, we never sent ‘our worst’ to America – we sent them to Australia. And that was nowhere near the worst thing we have done as a nation.

      America got pioneers and religious frontiersmen and merchants and warmongers from us.

      As did a quarter of the world. So don’t be laying the misinformation down in a thread where you criticised the US education system – I agree with some of what you said but then you just seem to be on the attack with nonsense.

  3. the use of the WH Twitter account just shows that Trump doesn’t care what is personal and what is public or political. It is all the same to him which is why he feels it is OK to use 400 million taxpayer dollars for his own nefarious purposes.

    1. Purple Flame Tarot : CadetBoneSpurs Space Farce will never fly. Elon Musk now he’s the person who could pull it together & make it fly. Do you think Elon Musk is a nice Democrat & a Never tRumper?

    2. P J Don’t forget McGahn, MoscowMitch and wifey Elaine the SecTransport in MoronDon’s Crooked Cabinet, Munchkin and his wife Lousie, I mean Louise, Scavino, Grisham the new SpokesLiar and Sarah Slanders the old SpokesLiar, and all the GangOfPutin enablers lying their faces off to try to keep the MoronDon in office. All the jerks…

    3. CFR Andre : Good gracious there are so many comings & goings within SpankyPants tRump dysfunctional administration that its hard sometimes to keep up & remember all of these clowns. Moscow Mitch & Elaine Chow, Mnuchin, Grisham. Sarah Huckleberry Slanders, McGahn all need some further looking into once the Dems are back in the saddle.

    4. No!!!!!! You can not dispose of something so toxic into the ocean. Think of the damage that would do to the marine life. Just saying!

    1. mark navarro That’s right…you grew up to be a trolling slug that promotes a narcissistic, habitual liar that is more interested in his own pocket than the people of the country. How about that debt he has created to stimulate a false, unsustainable economic?

    2. mark navarro if you are on here to give a counter argument, have at it. So far I have seen nothing from you that is actually a thoughtful, provable argument. What a joke you really are.

    3. keith parkhill Also, the largest debt to create a faux economy that our children with have to pay for. Anyone can pump dollars into the economy bu5 that injection is only a temp uplift. That is not a sustainable economic strategy.

  4. Trump realizes he can’t use his own twitter account after his intimidation of the former Ukrainian Ambassador last week. I guess Trump is so stupid he believes no one could guess it’s really him using the White House account.

    1. @thisguy I hate and belittle all enemies of the USA. Trump is our rightfully elected President. whether you like it or not.

    2. @flyin polack No that honor is only bestowed upon the self appointed “chosen one.” Apparently reguardless of how many countless career professionals, experts in their given fields, thousands of scientists the world over, the vast majority of the world’s media, 2/3 of our government, 17 seperate intelligence agencies, the CIA, FBI, the lower courts etc……………..are all the “Deep State never tRUMPERS, Obama holdovers part of a world wide conspiracy plotting against one single mortal man the only real true bastion and pillar of truth, honor and integrity Donald J. Trump right? That seems soo absolutely plausible, stands up to reason, common sense, intellect, intuition, critical thinking right?

  5. Doesn’t Trump Jr. Have a book about the left having no morals and trying to shut down the right BUT has been proved horrible wrong and Trump Jr. is in on it smearing government officials for honoring subpoenas and telling the truth

    1. Don Jr refused to do a Q&A for a group of Conservatives at an event to promote his book about the left silencing Conservatives.

      That just says it all!

    2. Bill van Dammen The WH placed a huge order, the family business has bought enough to hand out to the employees (notorious cheapskates at xmas bonuses), and all the tRumpf households and clubs and hotels will be graced with at least 6 copies per room. Even the illiterate base are implored to buy multiple copies, as well as contribute to the re-election coffers.
      Junior is going to crow about how many copies his nothing-but-vanity publishing adventure “sold”, while thrift stores and dumpsters will be inundated with the unwanted tomes. Luckily books won’t last as long as, say, cuneiform tablets made of baked clay: future discoverers of our hapless landfills won’t have to parse his drivel…

    3. Ken Silva
      Yuck! Junior is so vile and disgusting. A poison apple that didn’t fall from from its rotten tree. I can’t WAIT until the Trumps gtfo of our White House! It’s a disgrace.

  6. Pore little jimmie jorden wanted a girl friend, but only got a trump . republican would rather stand behind a draft doger then an American Hero. Why ?

    1. Because they can relate to trash, levels of lying that is off the chart, Orange the Dunce thinks he owns the country, in the throws of thinking he also owns the bottomless pit of the taxpayer’s bank account and it’s all his money to do whatever he wants. delusions of grandeur there.
      He can buy attendance from casting agencies or threatens people to clap at his staged kkk rallies, we can see what the real Americans think, in every venue the lying orange clown steps outside of his safe places. Everybody in the real world, are 1000% done with this freakshow.

    1. Henry Peck which four are going? i think we should all go for him…it would take more than four of us to carry that tub of lying lard…he weighs as much as a baby elephant, if not more

    1. Judith Hayes as a veteran whose father, grandfather, and sons, all served this country with distinction, this testimony and the impeachment investigation in general, have begun the process of restoring my faith in truth and the rule of law, too, but unless he is impeached and removed (to jail preferably), the right will still have too much power.

  7. Trump quite literally does not know right from wrong and seems both incapable and unwilling to learn the difference,

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