Pride flag allegedly set on fire at N.S. high school

The RCMP has been called in to investigate a possible hate crime at a Halifax-area school after a pride flag was reportedly taken down and set on fire.

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    1. Unfortunately, no.
      Burning the Canadian Flag is considered an act of expression. Protected by the Charter!🤷🏼‍♂️

  1. How is this a hate crime? It was a lightning. We need to deal with these flags in a similar manner in the city of Toronto, they are everywhere.

  2. Based on the school’s statement, they know exactly who did it. The investigation should be pretty straightforward. It’ll be the up to the prosecution service to decide what to do next.

    1. @pyRoy6 if consistency and coherency were important to you, you would have said the same about the Christian churches that were recently burned down in Canada.

    2. @Captain Canuck Why would I say the same thing about a symbolic act, potentially meant to intimidate a marginalized group, vs. a potential act of straight-up vandalism or arson? The only thing they have in common is fire!

    3. @pyRoy6You just proved my point. You didn’t say anything because consistency and coherency escape you.

    4. @Captain Canuck ok. One other thing that I actually can say about both is that the prosecution service will look at the evidence, and then decide what to do next. I’m not sure what else you’d like me to say about either incident.

    1. @SRM NZ hahah the “Go-To” name calling you choose when someone doesn’t agree with your FILTH.

    2. @GamingRig D haha, the “go-to” rubber stamp you grab when someone doesn’t agree with your BIGOTRY.

  3. лишит Человечество самой сути — Человечности (разнополой социальности). Человек — существо социальное живородящее. Пол Человека определяется с момента рождения и сохраняется для размножения и адаптации рожденных им поколений. Человек от мужчины и женщины рождается, которые тоже были рождены от мужчины и женщины.
    А этот флаг “Гордости” — плевок в Человечность и в христианские ценности (оскорбляет чувства верующих).
    Гордость это — порок, червоточина, низменная ценность, неотъемлемая часть спеси, которая приводит только беду и несчастья.
    Школьники если не знают какого они пола, то пусть посмотрят в свои метрики, которые подтверждают факт их рождения определённого пола и участся быть понятливыми, честными, верными, психически здоровыми и ответственными.

  4. Whoever raised that flag at this high school should at least be charged with vandalism. Whoever pulled down and burned this flag was simply cleaning-up their vandalism.

  5. Someone drape a pirate flag at a school, have it stolen and burned . . . . .then call the police, gotta see if they’ll call it a hate crime . . .against pirates

  6. Canada has no laws prohibiting flag burning or desecration. Acts of this nature are forms of expression protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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